Boys and Girls Tennis Players Earn All-District Honors

It was an amazing year for team tennis in Frisco ISD. Nine teams made the playoffs from three districts -- 9-5A, 10-5A and 10-4A -- and Centennial High School became the first FISD team to qualify for the UIL state tournament.

Not surprisingly, a lot of FISD student-athletes are represented on the All-District teams. Congratulations to all on a fantastic season. The All-District teams are below.

District 9-5A

Girls MVP: Lauren Parrott, Wakeland

Boys MVP: Aditya Gupta, Newman Smith

Coaching Staff of the Year: Reedy


1 Girls Doubles: Ella Wertz / Lauren Parrott, Wakeland

2 Girls Doubles: Mariella Davies / Tvisha Yadik,i Wakeland

3 Girls Doubles: Emma Lee / Sophia Luo, Wakeland

1 Boys Doubles: Arnav Garg/Emmanuel Antony, Reedy

2 Boys Doubles: Ryan Soriano/ Andrew Santi, Wakeland

3 Boys Doubles: Austin Gray / Luke Goin, Wakeland

Mixed Doubles: Kasen Sharp / Jaclyn Mitchell, Newman Smith

1 Girls Singles: Gaayathri Jaganathan (Frisco) & Lauren Parrott (Wakeland)

2 Girls Singles: Naomi Heit (Frisco) & Tvisha Yadiki (Wakeland) Frisco High & Wakeland

3 Girls Singles: Ella Wertz Wakeland

4 Girls Singles: Naila Sujuaddeen (Frisco) & Mariella Davies (Wakeland)

5 Girls Singles: Trinity Power (Frisco) & Emma Lee (Wakeland)

6 Girls Singles: Sophia Luo, Wakeland

1 Boys Singles: Arnav Garg, Reedy

2 Boys Singles: Emmanuel Antony, Reedy 

3 Boys Singles: Rohan Dravid, Reedy

4 Boys Singles: Taylor Hughs, Wakeland

5 Boys Singles: Andrew Santi, Wakeland

6 Boys Singles: Austin Gray, Wakeland


1 Girls Doubles: Gaayathri Jaganathan/Naomi Heit, Frisco

2 Girls Doubles: Makayla Baxter/Imara Achala (The Colony) & Jelena Nguyen/Maria Hipolito (R.L. Turner)

3 Girls Doubles: Shrivani Sarangam / Rinika Bansal, R.L. Turner

1 Boys Doubles: Aditya Gupta / Rishi Sriram, Newman Smith

2 Boys Doubles: John Seeley/Nishanth Ramasani, Lone Star

3 Boys Doubles: Rayaan Salman / Aahyan Salman, R.L. Turner

Mixed Doubles: Xavier Betancourt / Rebeca Pintor, R.L. Turner

1 Girls Singles: Alexa Irazabal, The Colony

2 Girls Singles: Taytum Stafford, The Colony

3 Girls Singles: Makayala Baxter, The Colony

4 Girls Singles: Imara Achala, The Colony

5 Girls Singles: Prathana Nambiar, Lone Star

6 Girls Singles: Sahana Sudhakar, Lone Star

1 Boys Singles: Jose Guedez (The Colony) & Aditya Gupta (Newman Smith)

2 Boys Singles: Aamir Sujuadden, Frisco

3 Boys Singles: John Seeley, Lone Star

4 Boys Singles, Ethan Cook, Lone Star

5 Boys Singles, Aarush Ravichandra, Frisco

6 Boys Singles, Adhith Shivaprasad, Frisco

District 10-5A

Girls Newcomer of the Year: Kritika Voruganti, Centennial

Boys Newcomer of the Year: Aaditt Rishi, Lebanon Trail

Girls MVP: Milla Dopson, Liberty

Boys MVP: Sanjheev Rao, Liberty

Coaching Staff  of the Year: Doug Fair & Carlos Aguilar, Centennial


1 Girls Doubles: Milla Dopson/Sawa Okamoto, Liberty

2 Girls Doubles: Hailey Zhang/Purnoor Sharma, Liberty

3 Girls Doubles: Reema Reddy/Meghana Tummala, Independence

1 Boys Doubles: Shriyan Daggumalli/Aravind Sridhar, Centennial

2 Boys Doubles: Aarav Sangani/Eduardo Cruz-Rivera, Centennial

3 Boys Doubles: Rahul Muppavarapu /Tanish Gupta, Centennial

Mixed Doubles: Yumin Kim/Tania Lintz, Heritage

1 Girls Singles: Milla Dopson, Liberty

2 Girls Singles : Hailey Zhang, Liberty

3 Girls Singles: Sawa Okamoto, Liberty

4 Girls Singles: Reema Reddy, Independence

5 Girls Singles: Nishtha Panging, Centennial

6 Girls Singles: Sahasra Dodda,  Centennial

1 Boys Singles: Sanjheev Rao, Liberty

2 Boys Singles: Punyae Nagpal, Lebanon Trail

3 Boys Singles: Aarav Sangani, Centennial

4 Boys Singles: Eduardo Cruz-Rivera, Centennial

5 Boys Singles: Akshay Kommineni, Centennial

6 Boys Singles: Hitesh Mamidala, Lebanon Trail


1 Girls Doubles: Chloe Callaway/Rishwi Pillutla, Independence

2 Girls Doubles: Noa Kosman/Akriti Bhati, Centennial

3 Girls Doubles: Nishtha Panging/Esha Bandi, Centennial

1 Boys Doubles: Sanjheev Rao/Krish Pokle, Liberty

2 Boys Doubles: Punyae Nagpal/Charles Lachman, Lebanon Trail

3 Boys Doubles: Arturo Inda/Arnav Senapathi, Lebanon Trail

Mixed Doubles: Akshay Kommineni/Aashikha Basappa, Centennial

1 Girls Singles: Leesha Gourammagari, Heritage

2 Girls Singles : Rishwi Pilluta, Independence

3 Girls Singles : Ashna Potluri, Lebanon Trail

4 Girls Singles: Akriti Bhati, Centennial

5 Girls Singles: Meghana Tummala, Independence

6 Girls Singles: Aditi Nautiyal, Independence

1 Boys Singles: Shriyan Daggumalli, Centennial

2 Boys Singles: Aravind Sridhar, Centennial

3 Boys Singles: Vinay Devarakonda, Independence

4 Boys Singles: Saharsh Parvathaneni, Lebanon Trail

5 Boys Singles: Ben McCaulley, Independence

6 Boys Singles: Shanyu Kollipara, Heritage

District 10-4A

(Panther Creek is the only FISD team in this district, so only Panther Creek members of All-District teams are listed)

District Boys Newcomer of the Year: Thomas Luong, Panther Creek

District Girls Newcomer of the Year: Aryma Sikri, Panther Creek


3 Boys Doubles: Thomas Luong/Akhil Repaka, Panther Creek

5 Boys Singles: Thomas Luong, Panther Creek

6 Boys Singles: Akhil Repaka, Panther Creek


2 Boys Doubles: Aditya Oswal/Archit Thanikella, Panther Creek 

3 Boys Singles: Teerth Mevada, Panther Creek

4 Boys Singles: Archit Thanikella, Panther Creek

3 Girls Doubles: Nishita Nekkanti/Aryma Sikri, Panther Creek

3 Girls Singles: Aryma Sikri, Panther Creek

4 Girls Singles: Nishita Nekkanti, Panther Creek


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