Campuses Name Teacher of the Year Honorees

Written by Korinna Kirchhoff

Teachers of the Year Logo.Each year, Frisco ISD teachers nominate and vote for their colleagues as part of the annual Campus Teacher of the Year recognition. This year, 44 elementary and 32 secondary educators have been selected by their peers! 

“The recognized teachers have gone above and beyond to help our students and their fellow teachers shine this school year,” said Wes Cunningham, associate deputy superintendent. “These outstanding educators, who were selected by their peers, exemplify excellent teaching and serve as leaders not only in their classrooms but also among their fellow educators.

“They give back to their campus communities at every turn and embody everything a future-ready educator should be.”

The process for Teacher of the Year selection is based on criteria from the Texas Association of School Administrators. Each Campus Teacher of the Year is encouraged to apply for recognition as the FISD Elementary or Secondary Teacher of the Year.

A selection committee will review the applications anonymously and use a rubric to score the responses. The selection committee is made up of business and community leaders and representatives from the Frisco Area Retired School Personnel, the Frisco ISD Council of PTAs and the Frisco Education Foundation. 

Last year’s winners were Vaughn Elementary educator Soo Cho and Emerson High School math teacher Michael Garcia. Learn more about this fantastic duo.

An elementary and secondary winner will be announced in the spring at the Teacher of the Year banquet, and they will be eligible to apply for the Region 10 Teacher of the Year award.

Congratulations to these exemplary educators who impact students and inspire their peers on a daily basis as 2022-23 Frisco ISD Campus Teachers of the Year.


  • Allen Elementary - Sydney Thornell, 5th grade ELAR

  • Anderson Elementary - Leah Biddle, kindergarten

  • Ashley Elementary - Tanisha Jackson, 1st grade

  • Bledsoe Elementary - Taylor Nairn, 3rd grade

  • Boals Elementary - Misty Morrison, kindergarten 

  • Borchardt Elementary - Jennifer Cook, 1st grade

  • Bright Academy - Dasha Peters, dyslexia

  • Carroll Elementary - Maricela Menjivar, 5th grade

  • Christie Elementary - Claudia Herrera, 5th grade

  • Comstock Elementary - Karissa Smith, kindergarten

  • Corbell Elementary - Ashley Schober, library

  • Curtsinger Elementary - Andrea Cotner, 3rd grade

  • Early Childhood School - Juanita Aguilera, Pre-K

  • Elliott Elementary - Kim Karp, librarian

  • Fisher Elementary - Denise Callahan, 1st grade

  • Gunstream Elementary - Meranda Neal, kindergarten

  • Hosp Elementary - Bethany Doan, 5th grade

  • Isbell Elementary - Sheila Gallagher, kindergarten

  • Liscano Elementary - Bethanne Kanzler, GT

  • McSpedden Elementary - Sondra Taylor, 1st grade

  • Miller Elementary - Carissa Watts, 3rd grade ELAR

  • Minett Elementary - Stephany Torre, special education

  • Mooneyham Elementary - Alison Fisher, 1st grade 

  • Newman Elementary - Jennifer Ginn, 5th grade

  • Nichols Elementary - Molly McGrew, 5th grade ELAR

  • Norris Elementary - Eric Plyler, music

  • Ogle Elementary - Allison Deese, 5th grade ELAR

  • Phillips Elementary - Kristen D'Argo, kindergarten

  • Pink Elementary - Rebecca Martin, 4th grade ELAR

  • Purefoy Elementary - Derek Rodriguez, PE

  • Riddle Elementary - Sydney Gorewitz, 4th grade ELAR

  • Robertson Elementary - Kaiti Laitinen, 2nd grade

  • Rogers Elementary - Caitlyn Denney, special education

  • Scott Elementary - Martha Graff, 3rd grade math and science

  • Sem Elementary - Aaron Garcia, 3rd grade math

  • Shawnee Trail Elementary - Kaitlin Standerfer, 3rd grade

  • Smith Elementary - Madisson Madden, 5th grade

  • Sonntag Elementary - Kayla Prachyl, 2nd grade

  • Sparks Elementary - Traci Sullivan, 4th grade ELAR

  • Spears Elementary - Chloe Stevens, 1st grade

  • Tadlock Elementary - Holly Bell, special education

  • Talley Elementary  - Lina Jennings, GT

  • Taylor Elementary - Callie Groh. 3rd grade

  • Vaughn Elementary - Jennifer James, PE


  • Centennial High School - Kimberly Pearce, world history

  • Clark Middle School - Amy Marshall, Texas history 

  • Cobb Middle School - Tracy Daniels, ILA

  • CTE Center - Clint Floyd, architecture

  • Emerson High School - Kayleigh Hoyt, special education

  • FISD+/Online - Michael Voth, tech & science

  • Fowler Middle School - Renee Ehmke, 7th grade language arts

  • Frisco High School - Hazel Cooper, science

  • Griffin Middle School - Courtney Hicks, 8th grade science

  • Heritage High School - Blake Reedy, communication applications

  • Hunt Middle School - John West, 7th grade ILA

  • Independence High School - Althea Rose, special education

  • Lawler Middle School - Cari Gomez, special education

  • Lebanon Trail High School - Valerie Law, AP English

  • Liberty High School - Kenric Davies, AP physics and astronomy

  • Lone Star High School - Laura Morgan, yearbook

  • Maus Middle School - Katie Lewis, band director 

  • Memorial High School - Nicole Nitsch, ELA

  • Nelson Middle School - Kaitlyn Chepey, 6th grade social studies

  • Panther Creek High School - Nicholaus Frederick, geometry

  • Pearson Middle School - Katrina McGuire, special education

  • Pioneer Heritage Middle School - Staci Rogers, 8th grade GT ILA

  • Reedy High School - Jordan Benton, math

  • Roach Middle School - Joy Tran, 6th grade ILA

  • Scoggins Middle School - Kamber Dancy, 6th grade ILA

  • Stafford Middle School - Bailey Mormon, 6th grade math

  • Staley Middle School - Flora Wharton, ESL teacher

  • Student Opportunity Center - Teresa McElhinney, ELAR

  • Trent Middle School - Paul Black, special education

  • Vandeventer Middle School - Jamie Siess, PE/athletic coordinator

  • Wakeland High School - Brian Teed, percussion band director

  • Wester Middle School - Krista Koffarnus, 8th grade math

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