Events Welcome Feedback on Café Menus

The Frisco ISD Child Nutrition Department wants to hear from you! Three events will be held this fall to get feedback from students and parents on café menus. 

Each event will provide an opportunity for attendees to sample new proposed breakfast and lunch menu items and provide feedback on existing and proposed café options. Please RSVP if you plan to attend using the links above. 

“We are constantly making changes and looking for ways to improve our menus,” said Lisa Jenkins, director of child nutrition. “We are trying to get students and parents more involved in the decision making process.”

The open house events, which will be held at the Child Nutrition Service Center at 12050 Rolater Road, will also include giveaways and the chance to meet and ask questions of Child Nutrition staff. 

All menu items must meet nutrition guidelines regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This includes minimum requirements for protein, grains, milk, fruit and vegetables and maximum levels for sodium, calories and fat. 

Each new potential menu addition must be carefully planned and considered. This includes testing and procuring products, creating and testing a recipe and finding a way to work the new item into existing menus to ensure variety and balance.

“We have always offered a vegetarian option daily on our menus, but over the last few years, we have received more requests from students and parents for a variety of vegetarian protein sources,” said Casey Perry, child nutrition dietitian. “We have been working with vendors and doing taste tests among students to try to diversify options for our students and our district.”

New options allow more students and parents the opportunity to take advantage of the school lunch program.

“Being able to eat meals at school not only saves time when it comes to packing lunches, but it also gives students a hot lunch option, which is hard to do with meals from home,” said Renell Ford, child nutrition dietitian. “Providing students with plant-forward options also brings new flavors to the lunch line.”

Child Nutrition staff are eager to share some of the menu concepts they have been working on, which include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. Please make plans to join them and share your feedback this fall! 

In Case You Missed It

Frisco ISD cafeterias have returned to charging for school meals based on student eligibility for meal benefits. The federal waiver that allowed schools nationwide to offer free meals to all students regardless of income has expired. 

School breakfast is $2 in the new school year, and lunch is $2.75 for elementary students and $3.75 for middle and high school students. Families who may qualify for free meals due to low family income are encouraged to apply now!

Parents should sign up at to make payments, apply for meal benefits, set up low balance reminders or view your child’s account history.

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