School Board to Discuss Student Bathroom Use

The School Board meeting on Monday, Sept. 12 will include a discussion item about student bathroom use. View the agenda.

  • A presentation will address federal and state laws and FISD’s practices for students who are uncomfortable using the bathroom that aligns with their sex assigned at birth.

  • There is not a new proposed policy on this topic, and no vote will be taken.  

First things first: The District is committed to providing a safe and appropriate environment for every student we serve.

The facts: Federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, which according to the U.S. Department of Education includes discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

  • Federal law prohibits FISD from denying students equal access to bathrooms. 

  • Texas does not have a law that regulates student bathroom usage.

How it works: If for any reason a student is uncomfortable using a particular bathroom, families meet with campus staff and collaboratively determine the best course of action for that child. 

  • This meeting requires the involvement and consent of a parent or guardian.

  • The process is individualized and circumstances vary from student to student so there is not a single or specified response to address this matter.

What this means: All students cannot merely decide on a given day which bathroom to use.

  • If a student’s parent or guardian opts for the student to use a bathroom other than the one for the sex they were assigned at birth, the campus works with the student and family to ensure that their chosen restroom is used consistently.

  • In the vast majority of these situations, the student’s family chooses to have the student use a private, single-use bathroom. 

  • Private information regarding individual students and the bathroom they use will not be disclosed.

Dig deeper: All schools have procedures in place to deter behavior in restrooms that would require disciplinary action.

  • This includes procedures to actively monitor restrooms for safety during passing periods.

  • There have not been any reported incidents in Frisco ISD restrooms involving students who are transgender.

  • The District has not received any reports of a student pretending to be transgender in order to use the bathroom of the opposite sex. Any student going into a restroom that is not predesignated would be subject to disciplinary action.

Our commitment: Frisco ISD strives to provide an optimal learning environment in which all students feel safe, valued and welcomed.

  • All students are encouraged to notify a counselor, teacher, administrator or their parent/guardian if they feel uncomfortable at school. Campus staff will work with the student and their parents to find a solution.

  • Students also have access to STOPit, an anonymous reporting tool if they see concerning behavior, are being harassed or feel unsafe for any reason. 

Between the lines: FISD is aware of only one Texas school district that has adopted a policy that requires students to use the bathroom that aligns with their sex assigned at birth.

  • This policy includes the phrase “to the extent allowable by law,” which acknowledges the legal limitations and permits that district to make individual accommodations.

  • This is no different than existing practices in Frisco ISD. 

The takeaway: FISD understands this matter is a concern for some families. The District works to make sure all of our students feel as safe and comfortable as possible at school while also complying with the law.

Learn more: Attend or tune in on Monday, Sept. 12 for more information. 

Provide input: The U.S. Department of Education is responsible for developing these rules; share your feedback with them by Sept. 12 submitting a public comment here. There will also be an opportunity for public comment during the Board meeting:

  • Be sure to sign in by 6:30 p.m. to speak. 

  • Speaking time will be three minutes unless more than 20 speakers sign up. In that case, each speaker will have 1 minute.

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