Wakeland Theatre Wins Best Musical

Curtains Group 3 Photo by Christina Stephens Photography

For the first time in Frisco ISD history, a campus has claimed the Best Musical in the Broadway Dallas High School Musical Theatre Awards.

Congratulations to Wakeland’s theatre students and directors who won Best Musical, Best Direction and Best Crew & Technical Execution for their production Curtains, the Musical. Curtains is a production about a murder that has taken place backstage. It includes strong characters and requires immensely talented actors.

The award ceremony was held on the last day of school and if emotions were not already high, the seniors graduated the next morning. It was truly a memorable evening that will be cherished for a lifetime. Notably, recent graduates Hayley Delich and Garrett Bohannan were also each awarded $2,500 college scholarships through Broadway Dallas. 

The Wakeland theatre company is led by Director Jonette Dalfonzo and Technical Director Aaron Yowell. Dalfonzo has been with Frisco ISD for 17 years and looks forward to starting her 30th year in education next year. 

Wakeland Curtains Group by Christina Stephens Photography

“As educators, we provide the tools and emphasize the creative process, but it’s incredible just what passionate students can create,” Dalfonzo said. “The students didn’t start the production planning to win any awards, but they collaborated as a family to support each other in their growth at every step and it paid off.”

As a District veteran, Dalfonzo is impressed with how fine arts programming has evolved over time but maintains that with each year, the power of arts in education continues to be immeasurable.

“The resources and collaboration between FISD campus directors has created a level of quality that is frankly unheard of anywhere else,” Dalfonzo said. “All of us want to create a safe atmosphere for students to be themselves as they work to grow in their passions while being surrounded by our not-so-little theatre family.”

Dalfonzo and Yowell are already planning their musical, Shrek, which will debut in January 2023 and are excited to integrate the incoming freshmen from Cobb and Griffin middle schools.

Wakeland Curtains Group 2 Photo by Christina Stephens Photography

Congratulations to all of the FISD companies that participated in the event, but especially those that were nominated for awards.

Frisco ISD Musical Theatre Nominations

Centennial High School

Best Orchestra

Frisco High School

Best Direction

Independence High School

Best Direction

Best Choreography

Best Music Direction

Best Orchestra

Best Lighting Design

Outstanding Lead Performer - Emma Alexander 

Outstanding Supporting Performer - Eduardo Martinez

Liberty High School

Best Music Direction

Wakeland High School

Best Musical

Best Direction

Best Crew and Technical Execution

Best Music Direction

Best Scenic Design

Best Lighting Design

Best Costume Design

Best Ensemble

Outstanding Lead Performer - Emma DeLaPaz

Outstanding Lead Performer - Garrett Bohannan

Outstanding Supporting Performer - Brooke Lee

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