Middle School Artists Go Platinum at Junior VASE

Congratulations to the 37 Frisco ISD middle school visual artists who earned Platinum Medals at the annual Texas Art Education Association’s Junior Visual Arts Scholastic Event!

Junior VASE is built to provide middle school art students with an educational TEKS-based evaluation of their artwork while recognizing exemplary student achievement.

Each student received written and verbal constructive feedback on their artwork and a rating of one to four in a process similar to the high school VASE competition.

Students who received a four, the highest rating, were awarded medals. Then, these students were judged in the Platinum Event, with only 10% of these students receiving the coveted Platinum Medal.

Congratulations to all students and teachers who participated in Junior VASE, especially those listed below who were rated with a score of IV and received a Platinum Medal.

Stella Adair - Cobb, Teacher Varsha Tyagi

Razeem Ahmed - Lawler, Teacher Heema Mistry

Rhiya Anand - Pioneer Heritage, Teacher Kristi Means

Ananya Balakrishnan - Roach, Teacher Kayla Doran

Aditi Battiprolu - Lawler, Teacher Heema Mistry

Viren Bollu - Lawler, Teacher Heema Mistry 

Mia Cristales - Stafford, Teacher Marie Blocker

Heaven Elliott - Cobb, Teacher Varsha Tyagi

Josey Gates - Cobb, Teacher Varsha Tyagi

Morgan Gloier - Pioneer Heritage, Teacher Kristen Bourdier

Laura Huang - Vandeventer, Teacher Leanne Rainey

Dhaanya Ilayaraja - Nelson, Teacher Angela Mehta

Kathleen Jones - Cobb, Teacher Varsha Tyagi

Annelise Jordan - Cobb, Teacher Varsha Tyagi

Srivitha Kantamneni - Nelson, Teacher Angela Mehta

Griffey Kanzler - Wester, Teacher Ransom White

Nataliya Kuryshina - Roach, Teacher Kayla Doran

Jessica La - Scoggins, Teacher Inita Steele

Junny Lee - Cobb, Teacher Varsha Tyagi

Michelle Li - Lawler, Teacher Heema Mistry

Manasi Mahankali - Stafford, Teacher Marie Blocker

Rida Mohammed - Lawler, Teacher Heema Mistry

Yena Nam - Lawler, Teacher Heema Mistry

Diya Patel - Roach, Teacher Kayla Doran

Ella Ross - Stafford, Teacher Marie Blocker

Mehek Saini - Nelson, Teacher Angela Mehta

Shivaani Sasikumar (2) - Nelson, Teacher Angela Mehta

Ella Satterwaite - Cobb, Teacher Varsha Tyagi

Siddhi Seth - Nelson, Teacher Angela Mehta

Aditi Shah - Vandeventer, Teacher Leanne Rainey

Seyedeh Sogand and Tabatabaei Moshiri - Wester, Teacher Ransom White

Chloe Tran (2) - Cobb, Teacher Varsha Tyagi

Elizabeth Vo - Roach, Teacher Kayla Doran

Deluya Xie - Lawler, Teacher Heema Mistry

Vidya Yalamanchili - Nelson, Teacher Angela Mehta

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