FISD Elementary Academic Teams Sweep Top 20 Spots at State

Fourth and fifth grade students from across Frisco ISD competed in the annual Lone Star Challenge academic competition where they had an impressive showing. Of the 109 teams that competed for the state title, Frisco ISD elementary students swept the top 20 spots!

The competition is patterned after the premier academic competition in the nation, the Texas Academic Decathlon, with curriculum based mainly on the fundamentals of the STAAR testing program. 

Each team of nine students prepared for this year’s competition topic “Passport to Russia” by studying the history and culture of Russia, along with the space race and exploration.

As part of the competition, students completed an essay based on a novel they had read and participated in two written competitions that focused on reading, writing, math, social studies and science. Students also participated in the notorious Super Quiz!

During the Super Quiz, each team was represented by a small contingent that moved to the front of the room to answer five questions in a game show-style atmosphere. It was intense to compete in front of an audience but the students took it in stride!

Congratulations to all of the FISD students that participated in the competition, but especially those who placed in the top 20 including:

1st Place Anderson Elementary - Coaches Sue Kelly and David Perry

  • Ryo Amemiya, 5th Grade

  • Aditya Bharwal, 5th Grade

  • Rishabh Dinesh, 5th Grade

  • Bhakti Gupta, 4th Grade

  • Muhil Kannan, 5th Grade

  • Yukti Katti, 5th Grade

  • Rithvik Pillai, 4th Grade

  • Avni Singh, 5th Grade

  • Srivatsa Suresh, 4th Grade

2nd Place Nichols Elementary - Coaches Linsey Fordyce and Amy O’Hare

  • Mohid Javed, 5th Grade

  • Trishan Reddy Katamreddy, 4th Grade

  • Aalya Krupaharan, 5th Grade

  • Ameya Parayil, 5th Grade

  • Vihaan Polisetti, 5th Grade

  • Aadish Shah, 4th Grade

  • Ishaan Thakur, 5th Grade

  • Srisuktha Vedala Tirumala, 5th Grade

  • Varun Vemulapalli, 4th Grade

3rd Place McSpedden Elementary - Coaches Patricia Elrod and Blakeney Carter

  • Shreya Bansal, 4th Grade

  • Ashrit Gajula, 4th Grade

  • Arjun Jakkamreddy, 5th Grade

  • Rishabh Kasera, 4th Grade

  • Sanvi Mehta, 5th Grade

  • Aditi Namineni, 5th Grade

  • Aanya Pasham, 4th Grade

  • Saani Vyas, 5th Grade

  • Sri Ishaan Yedavalli, 5th Grade

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