Recount Confirms Marvin Lowe as Place 2 Winner

A hand recount conducted by experienced election workers did not change the outcome of the Place 2 race for Frisco ISD Board of Trustees. Marvin Lowe is the winner. 

The recount conducted Saturday added one additional vote for incumbent Natalie Hebert, who requested the recount. Totals for the other two candidates were unchanged from the May 18th canvassed results. 

The final tally was 5,995 votes (39.86%) for Lowe, compared to 5,944 votes (39.52%) for Hebert and 3,101 votes (20.62%) for Kelly Karthik.

The 51-vote difference between Lowe and Hebert is two votes fewer than election night totals, which showed a 53-vote margin, and one less the canvassed results, which reflected provisional ballots and a 52-vote margin.

Collin County Deputy Elections Administrator Micki Meinecke and Denton County Deputy Elections Administrator Brandy Grimes oversaw the recount as co-chairs of the recount committee. Registered Frisco ISD voters with prior experience as paid election workers were tasked with counting each ballot by hand. Each candidate and up to two watchers had the opportunity to observe the recount.

Because the recount changed the number of votes in the race, the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees was required to canvass the results a second time. A special Board meeting was held Monday for this purpose.

After the final results were canvassed and a certificate of election issued, Lowe was invited to take the oath of office. This will allow him to participate in an upcoming Board workshop on the 2022-23 budget. A ceremonial swearing-in ceremony will be held during the June 13th regular Board meeting

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