Elections Officials to Conduct Recount of Place 2

May 18, 2022

Elections administrators in Collin and Denton counties will utilize experienced election workers to conduct a hand recount of votes in the School Board election that ended May 7. 

Incumbent trustee Natalie Hebert filed a formal petition requesting a recount of the results in Place 2, the seat she has held since 2019. 

Canvassed results from Collin and Denton counties show Hebert received 5,943 votes (39.52%), while Marvin Lowe received 5,995 votes (39.86%) and Kelly Karthik received 3,101 votes (20.62%). The difference between Hebert and Lowe was 52 votes or 0.35% of the total votes cast in the election. 

In Frisco ISD, there are no runoff elections; whoever receives the most votes wins. As a result, Lowe was declared the winner.

Texas election law outlines the reasons that a candidate may request a recount at their own expense. In her petition, Hebert requested a hand recount on the grounds that the difference between the number of votes received by Hebert and Lowe is less than 10% of the number of votes received by Lowe. 

In accordance with the law, a review was conducted to determine whether the petition met the requirements for a recount. Among other satisfied criteria, the difference between the number of votes received by Hebert and Lowe (52) is less than 10% of the number of votes received by Lowe (599.5). As a result, a recount has been ordered for Place 2

Collin County Deputy Elections Administrator Micki Meinecke and Denton County Deputy Elections Administrator Brandy Grimes have been appointed to serve as co-chairs of the recount committee. Registered Frisco ISD voters who have prior experience as paid election workers make up the remainder of the recount committee and will conduct the recount on Saturday, May 21. See all the members of the recount committee.

The canvassing of election results took place as scheduled May 18. A second canvass will occur May 23 if the recount changes the number of votes for any candidate in the race.

Frisco ISD will continue to follow all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including those contained in the Texas Election Code, to complete this recount and election cycle. For more information about recount procedures, please visit the Texas Secretary of State’s website.

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