Voters Fill Three Places on the FISD School Board

Voting concluded Saturday, May 7 in the Frisco ISD School Board election. Gopal Ponangi, Marvin Lowe and Stephanie Elad received the most votes and were elected to three-year terms representing the entire Frisco ISD community.

The combined results below from Collin and Denton counties are not official until canvassed later this month. Winners will take the oath of office at the regular Board meeting on June 13

Unofficial Results

Place 1

  • Angela Dunford - 7,259 votes I 48.74%

  • Gopal Ponangi - 7,634 votes I 51.26%

Place 2

  •   Marvin Lowe - 5,989 votes I 39.87%

  •   Natalie Hebert - 5,936 votes I 39.52%

  •   Kelly Karthik - 3,095 votes I 20.61%

Place 3

  •   Dustin Paschal - 6,452 votes I 43.39%

  •   Timothy Soto - 771 votes I 5.19%

  •   Stephanie Elad - 7,646 votes I 51.42%

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