Summer Learning Meets Diverse Student Needs

Apr 29, 2022

Frisco ISD will offer several programs and optional activities this summer to extend students’ learning and help them be successful in the classroom. These opportunities will address a variety of student needs including:  

Course Advancement

Academic Enrichment

Credit Recovery & Remediation

  • Middle or high school students who need remediation or to take courses for credit recovery are served through the District’s online Secondary Summer School program. Campuses will reach out to identified students and families regarding the need to register by the May 26th deadline. An informational webinar is scheduled May 24 for middle school students who need remediation for failed courses during the school year. 

HB 4545 Accelerated Instruction  

  • A new state law requires 30 hours of accelerated instruction, or tutoring, in each subject where a student does not pass (or does not take) the required STAAR test. FISD will offer online tutorials this summer to help meet this requirement and prevent the need for secondary students to participate in tutoring on prior-year knowledge and skills during the 2022-23 school year. Campuses will contact families of identified students to create Accelerated Instruction Plans (AIPs) that may include the option to complete these online modules.

  • Please note: Secondary students who do not meet passing standards on STAAR and are also required to participate in Summer School for credit/course recovery will complete the required 30 hours of accelerated instruction per subject through successful completion of their Summer School course(s). Elementary students who do not meet passing standards on STAAR and attend a Title I campus will have the opportunity to work toward the 30 hours during the Title I summer enrichment experience.

Special Education 

  • Special education students identified by their Individualized Education Program (IEP) team are invited to participate in the Extended School Year program. The program is designed to address critical skills that would be significantly jeopardized if the student does not receive ESY services.

Learn More

Read more about the learning opportunities offered this summer on the Summer School website. Reference listed contact information regarding specific programs, or reach out to your student’s counselor (secondary) or assistant principal (elementary) with questions. 

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