Girls Soccer Players Selected for District 9-5A Honors

Apr 22, 2022

Congratulations to the girls soccer players selected for 9-5A All-District honors.

Most Valuable Player

Lexi Lee, Frisco

Offensive Player of the Year

Kennedy Clountz, Liberty

Midfield Player of the Year

McKenna Jenkins, Wakeland

Defensive Players of the Year

Kara Campbell, Frisco

Sophia Pehr, Wakeland

Newcomers of the Year

Dezeriah Scott, Reedy

Macie Murphy, Lone Star

Utility Player of the Year

Bella Carrillo, Centennial

Goalkeepers of the Year

Samatha Jones, Independence

Drew Stover, Wakeland

Coach of the Year

Jaime Leraas, Frisco


Kori Ballard, Frisco

Ariana Anderson, Frisco

Luci Rodriguez, Frisco

Mallory Rush, Frisco

Kat Campbell, Frisco

Cori Cochran, Wakeland

Bella James, Wakeland

Brooke Hartshorn, Wakeland

Katy Gregson, Wakeland

Olivia Bos, Wakeland

Grayson Fox, Reedy

Alena Ultes, Reedy

Reganne Morris, Reedy

Katie Clabo, Reedy

Autumn Webb, Lone Star

Kyrsten Kizer, Lone Star

Mckenzie Webb, Lone Star

Emma Hardy, Lone Star

Grace DeShetler, Liberty

Erica Defferding, Liberty

Amelia Barber, Liberty

Micayla Decker, Lebanon Trail

Bella Pasion, Lebanon Trail

Madison Murphy, Independence

Stephanie Farias, Independence

Olivia Ramey, Memorial

Devin Cybulski, Centennial

Angelina Lotz, Heritage


Kaitlin Vance, Frisco

Taylor Vance, Frisco

Maddie Khanhkham, Frisco

Alex Terrell, Frisco

Lauren Vacek, Wakeland

Linae Bezdek, Wakeland

Lillie Grace, Wakeland

Ava Yocum, Wakeland

Dayleigh Bos, Wakeland

Megan McGrath, Reedy

Olivia Flory, Reedy

Madeline Farruggia, Reedy

Naia Rentschler, Reedy

Samira Minor, Lone Star

Seoyoon "Alex" Chang, Lone Star

Macy Gross, Lone Star

Sarah Bates, Lone Star

McKenna Clerkin, Liberty

Maci White, Liberty

Teagan Jaussi, Liberty

Jordyn Brue, Lebanon Trail

Sheridon Claytor, Lebanon Trail

Maci Zollinger, Lebanon Trail

Ava Bradford, Independence

Kelsey Hogan, Independence

Molly Teed, Independence

Camryn Ciborowski, Memorial

Lauren Smith, Memorial

Maggie Byrne, Memorial

Kaitie Neill, Centennial

Mia Gildea, Centennial

Kayli Edwards, Heritage

Aynslee McFarland, Heritage


Hannah Davidson, Reedy

Zaara Jacobs, Reedy

Samantha Taylor, Reedy

Reece Rohr, Reedy

Haley Humphrey, Reedy

Taylor Annen, Lebanon Trail

Delaney Kurtz, Lebanon Trail

Sarah Connolly, Lone Star

Brooke Connolly, Lone Star

Addison Leffke, Lone Star

Cameron Rosas, Wakeland

Lillian Wallace, Wakeland

Sydney Deckert, Wakeland

Haylie Gardiner, Frisco

Ava Yoas, Frisco

Maiya Haliburton, Frisco

McKenna Grant, Frisco

Faith Brownrigg, Liberty

Bella Marroquin, Liberty

Erin Guarisco, Liberty

Cate Butcher, Liberty

Jordan Donisi, Centennial

Alexis Knieriemen, Centennial

Cailyn Romero, Centennial

Ava Szczygiel, Centennial

Emmie Lau, Memorial

Brighton Mooney, Independence

Sophia Ortiz, Independence

Ayvah Angala, Independence

Camdyn Wood, Independence

Kourtney Jiles, Heritage

Dareen Issa, Heritage

Isabel Weaver, Heritage

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