Boys Soccer Players Selected for District 9-5A Honors

Apr 22, 2022

Congratulations to the boys soccer players selected for 9-5A All-District honors.

Most Valuable Player

J.J. Hernandez, Lone Star

Offensive Player of the Year

Diego Papi, Frisco

Midfield Player of the Year

Patricio Altamirano Solorzano, Heritage

Defensive Player of the Year

Riley Garza, Wakeland

Goalkeeper of the Year

Brad Shreve, Wakeland

Utility Player of the Year

Jason Wynia, Lebanon Trail

Newcomer of the Year

Hazani Torres, Wakeland

Coach of the Year

Clinton Hollingworth, Lone Star


Justin Ajdukovich, Independence

Nathan Walker, Independence

Joel Perez, Frisco

Dom Sciotto, Frisco

Lucas Sano, Frisco

Xander Naguib, Reedy

Cole Powell, Reedy

Jacobo Betancourt, Reedy

Erik Barr, Reedy

Brennan Bezdek, Wakeland

William Heidman, Wakeland

Evan Lupo, Wakeland

Micah Kelley, Wakeland

Charlie Newberry, Memorial

Salim Guerrero, Lone Star

Ivan Villatoro, Lone Star

Daylan Lowe, Lone Star

Alex Gonzalez, Lone Star

Emi Luna, Lone Star

Marcelo Pedraza, Heritage

Tyler Kiernicki, Heritage

Jacob Culpepper, Heritage

Jack Bryan, Liberty

Ryan Mayes, Liberty

Thomas Garofalo, Liberty

Ashton Schramek, Liberty

Jason Arora, Liberty

Matthieu Pillot, Lebanon Trail

Sebastian Ramirez, Lebanon Trail


Tyler Purtle, Independence

Sean Avery, Independence

Kaden Ung, Independence

Jade Hiller, Frisco

Will Schneider, Frisco

John Perez, Frisco

Albi Xhafa, Reedy

Gavin Prim, Reedy

Josh Noguera, Reedy

Jackson Runyan, Reedy

Ryan Greener, Wakeland

Kyle Davis, Wakeland

Jacob Rulon, Wakeland

Jason Young, Wakeland

Zion Martey, Memorial

Sam Davis, Memorial

Darrion McNulty, Memorial

Jacob Wenzel, Lone Star

Matt Trouy, Lone Star

Adam Azizi, Lone Star

Amine Azizi, Lone Star

Blake Humphrey, Lone Star

Omar Solorzano, Heritage

Ziyaan Momin, Heritage

Blair Camargo, Heritage

Andrew Siv, Liberty

Jack Abare, Liberty

Anthony Alston, Liberty

Nathaniel Crossman, Lebanon Trail

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