Lone Star Orchestra to Premiere “Everything”

The community is invited to the world premiere of “Everything,” a piece commissioned by and written for the Lone Star High School orchestra by acclaimed composer Larry Clark. The unforgettable presentation will be performed at the spring concert in the Lone Star auditorium on Thursday, April 28 at 7 p.m.

The piece was written in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Lone Star High School and dedicated to former principal Karen Kraft and the Lone Star orchestra students past, present and future. The commission was championed by Lone Star orchestra director Christina Wagner who is retiring at the end of the school year.

“This piece is special because it is about family,” Clark said. “Family is not just about people you are related to; family is about people who care, support and love one another.

“The Lone Star orchestra is also a family and the title is derived from ‘Family is Everything.’ I thought a lot about family while writing the piece and it has moments of love, joy, happiness and even a little sadness.”

Throughout the piece, different sections of the orchestra will communicate with each other, representing different members of the family. 

“I am excited for the students to interact with a live composer to celebrate the Lone Star family, traditions and history,” Wagner said. “As an orchestra family, we are honored to premiere the piece.”

Throughout “Everything,” the audience can expect to hear the harp play the main theme and narrate the story of the family. The violin will act as the patriarch and a string quartet will emulate the immediate family unit, while a full ensemble is meant to demonstrate the extended family.

When student musicians recount their time in fine arts programming, they often mention the family that they have made at school and Wagner, who is retiring this year, is proud to have helped students find a “home” on the campus.

“My favorite part about being an orchestra director has been watching students develop throughout their high school career,” Wagner said.  

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