DECA Students Advance to International Conference

Each year, Frisco ISD is proud to have hundreds of students advance to the DECA State Career Development Conference, and this year was no exception. More than 130 FISD students earned the opportunity to advance to the DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC) after a memorable state competition.

DECA students competed in the areas of marketing, finance, hospitality and management in both written and role-play formatted events. With a large contingent qualifying for internationals, Frisco ISD continues to make great strides in preparing students with career readiness skills.

ICDC qualifying students are eligible to compete in Atlanta in April where students will demonstrate their college and career-ready knowledge and skills by participating in several events. More than 1,000 business professionals serve as expert judges to evaluate DECA members’ mastery of these concepts.

Congratulations and best of luck to the DECA members who qualified to attend ICDC in April!


Accounting Application Series - Sriya Singh

Business Growth Plan - Rudransh Arora

Integrated Marketing Campaign: Product - Ketaki Bakre

Marketing Communication Series - Macy Li

Personal Financial Literacy Event - Akash Dasarraju

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism - Cieun Lee

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism - Sriya Putta

Restaurant and Food Service Management Series - Aditi Anakala

Restaurant and Food Service Management Series - Yash Jain

Retail Merchandising Series - Ananya Singh

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series - Karthik Toleti

Sports and Entertainment Team DM - Misha Chokshi, Vardhan Nahar


Business Finance Series - Shashi Addaguduru

Business Services Marketing - Ayush Mudgal

Professional Selling - Amy Wang


Business Management Solutions - Anwitha Kumbham, Pranathi Kavi


Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series - Tanvi Muppala

Community Giving Project - Geeta Ankad

Community Giving Project - Tejasvi Reddy Gurrala

Principles of Business Management & Administration - Saamvi Mukkara

Principles of Business Management & Administration - Shivani Jayaraj

Retail Merchandising Series - Saivee Shelke

Lebanon Trail

Business Law and Ethics Team - Aaradhya Arkatkar, Areeb Khan, Naviya Ravi, Apoorva Subramanian, Harsha Gadiraju, Chotepong Tangton

Entrepreneurship Team Decision-Making Team - Nidhi Majoju, Balatripura Somanchi

Financial Services Team Decision Making Team - Ishaan Joshi, Brian Zhou

Hospitality Services Team Decision Making - Ryan Dai, Andy Sun, Tanush Chintala, Rohit Penna

Hotel and Lodging Management - Rishub Madhav

Marketing Communications Series - Snehaa Muthiah

Marketing Management Team Decision - Yee-Hong Pua, Isabella Tao, Pranava Ravindran, Avinash Sriram

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism - Alison MacLeod

Principles of Marketing - Kevin Wang

Principles of Marketing - Wiley Liou

Quick Service Restaurant Management - Kevin Yao

Quick Service Restaurant Management - Aditya Dave

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series - Riya Macha

Sports and Entertainment Team Decision Making - Sanjana Kodali, Sridivya Veeramachaneni


Business Finance Series - Zoya Farooqui

Food Marketing Services - Aravind Dharmalingam

Hotel and Lodging Management - Lalana Karri

International Business Plan - Balakrishna Ravulapalli

Principles of Finance - Kavan Mehta


Principles of Marketing - Isabel Jedmears


2022-2023 State Officer - Aniket Gupta

Business Law Team Decision Making - Ava Wang, Eshana Venkatesh

Business Operating Research - Rishi Leburu, Manish Rangan, Kasi Narayanan

Business Service Marketing Individual Series - Aniket Gupta

Entrepreneurship Written - Pranav Jaganathan and Vivek Kogilathota

Entrepreneurship Written - Aniketh Sudunagunta, Rishit Yokananth and Varun Gosula

Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan - Advaith Iyer, Rohan Dravid and Aniruddh Marella

Entrepreneurship Individual Series - Ruhan Ganpath

Financial Consulting - Ishita Dua

Financial Operating Research - Saahas Jonnalagedda, Aditya Yadav, Anirudh Radhakrishnan

Financial Team Decision Making - Sriya Nallala and Sreekar Ponnapalli

Human Resource Management - Arushi Singh

Hospitality & Tourism Operating Research - Sanskar Mishra, Sethu Ravuri and Jay Sunkara

International Business Plan - Shobhit Agarwal

Integrated Marketing Campaign-Product - Akansha Bojjam, Rayna Keshavjee, and Suhani Swain

Principles of Finance - Siddha Kanthi

Project Management Community Awareness - Sriman Kondakindi, Arnav Kharya, Srijith Mudiganti

Project Management Community Awareness - Sahasra Tummala and Prarthana Chelat

Project Management Financial Literacy - Vishnu Juvadi and Ronith Gungurthi

Project Management Sales Project - Saathvik Konidena and Rishi Natarajan

Sports Entertainment Operations Research - Emmanuel Antony, Krish Karthik and Siddu Palle

Travel Tourism Team Decision Making - Isha Patel and Nayeon Lee

School-Based Enterprise - Shreya Gharge, Isha Riaz Viveka Mallampaty


Automotive Services Marketing Series - Luke Wright

Business Growth Plan - Rajas Ketkar

Business Services Operations Research - Nikitha Bolla, Kethana Uppalapati

Buying & Merchandising Operations Research - Rahul Manepalli, Cy Patterson, Tanner Paul

Buying & Merchandising Operations Research - Peyton Simpson, Aditi Singh, Ava White

Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making - Lily Desigio, Nathan Shadzeka

Franchise Business Plan - Karina Garza, Luke Rulon, Grace Rhee

Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research - Garrett Brooks, Lauren Monte, Kelsey Rayer

Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling - Samantha Treadway

Innovation Plan - Rohini Viswanatham, Varshini Viswanatham

Integrated Marketing Campaign - Event - Paige Gonzales, Sara Patel, AnneMarie Stammreich

Project Management Business Solutions - James Gable, Jay Gonzales, Alexander Rinaldi

Project Management Financial Literacy - Kathryn Gable, Kara Reardon, Maggie Shaw

School-Based Enterprise (Food Operations) - Sree Erramilli, Sam Underly

Start-Up Business Plan - Sarah Sonny, Samantha Stein, Natalie Tebeaux

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