Fine Arts Students From All 11 High Schools Headed to State

blue congrats graphicFrisco ISD is renowned across the state for prioritizing student opportunities in the performing arts. This year, nearly 50 high school students advanced through the highly competitive audition process to become members of one of the elite Texas Music Educators Association Texas All-State Music Ensembles.

Students from all 11 FISD high schools were selected for this very prestigious honor, which is considered the highest individual honor a band, choir, jazz or orchestra student can achieve in Texas.

“Music-making at this incredible level is the result of hard work, determination and grit over an extended period of time,” said Pete Hazzard, Frisco ISD's managing director of fine arts, “and the perseverance of these students is to be commended.

“Our students are taught by the finest music educators in the state of Texas and preparation for a superior performance at an audition is the result of dedicated educators who spend hours supporting students in their musical endeavors.” 

In a rigorous process that started in August of 2021, these students were committed to their craft. They dedicated hours of independent practice as they prepared for each phase of the multi-round auditions, which included District, Region and Area competitions. 

The entire audition process is extremely competitive and the commitment of these students is impressive. Less than 3% of the students across Texas are selected as All-State musicians.

Congratulations to the directors and their students listed below who were selected as Texas All-Staters, the highest individual accomplishment a music student can achieve. 


Gene Adam Anareta, Trumpet - Lebanon Trail
Brandon Batac, Percussion - Heritage
Adam Brown, Trumpet - Lone Star
Sofia Chaho, French Horn - Lebanon Trail
Luke Cheng, Percussion - Lebanon Trail
Eujin Chung, Flute - Liberty
Ritika Deivasigamani, Flute - Lone Star
Kamel Elkadri, Clarinet - Memorial
Jim Fang, Alto Saxophone - Reedy
Nehith Gopireddy, Bassoon - Reedy
Julia Johnson, Trumpet - Liberty
Josh Jung, Oboe - Centennial
Maadhav Kothuri, Trumpet - Frisco
Hannah Lee, Flute - Liberty
Yuvi Maheshwary, Percussion - Liberty
Jayden McCall, Euphonium - Emerson
Samuel McNamara, Tuba - Independence
Paul Park, Clarinet - Centennial
Nicholas Richa, Tenor Trombone - Independence
Minseo Roh, English Horn - Lebanon Trail
Gaurav Sarangi, Baritone Saxophone - Heritage
Aniruth Vishnupiyan, Trumpet - Wakeland
Michael Zhao, Clarinet - Lebanon Trail


Shriya Pattangi, Mixed Choir - Liberty
Chaya Ranganatha, Mixed Choir - Centennial
Tristen Sabin, Tenor/Bass Choir - Independence
Jane Wester, Treble Choir - Liberty


Bradley Buss, Tenor Saxophone - Lebanon Trail


Sarika Ahire, Harp - Centennial
Jacob Choi, Viola - Liberty
Yejin Choi, Violin - Centennial
Nicole Johnson, Violin - Liberty
Joseph Jung, Cello - Liberty
Jaewoo Kang, Violin - Independence
Wiley Liou, Viola - Lebanon Trail
Willa Liou, Viola - Lebanon Trail
Jonathan London, Cello - Reedy
Ananya Nair, Violin - Reedy
Andrew Park, Viola - Centennial
Brad Powell, Cello - Centennial
Yee Hong Pua, Cello - Lebanon Trail
Allison Qiu, Harp - Centennial
Jase Smith, Bass - Heritage
Elise Wang, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Lucas Yeh, Violin - Independence
Danielle Yoon, Cello - Independence
Jayna Yoon, Violin - Liberty
Brian Zhou, Violin - Lebanon Trail
Nathan Zhou, Harp - Centennial

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