Early Window Approaches to Request a Student Transfer

Frisco ISD will open an early window Jan.17-Feb. 4 for families to submit student transfer requests for the 2022-23 school year. 

Students entering grades K-8 may transfer to a campus other than their home zoned school if that campus is projected at less than 90% capacity. See the list of available campuses for the 2022-23 school year

The early transfer window allows both families and Frisco ISD to plan ahead for the coming school year and is the beginning of the back-to-school process. A second window to request transfers will be open July 1-25 for new-to-District students as well as returning families.

When reviewing petitions for student transfer, the District considers each request on an individual basis but strives for consistency throughout the process. As a general rule, high school transfers are not permitted. Approval for one year does not guarantee nor imply the approval of future transfers to the same campus or feeder campus.

Parents interested in learning more information can find additional details on the student transfer section of the FISD website, including the Administrative Guidelines that provide an in-depth clarification of the transfer policy and priority guidelines. Any questions should be directed to Susan Dye at DyeSu@friscoisd.org.

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