January is School Board Recognition Month

2021 Board of Trustees

During School Board Recognition Month, Frisco ISD wants to take a moment to recognize and thank trustees for their tireless dedication to students and staff. 

Trustees are elected officials who spend countless volunteer hours donating their time and energy to understand and advocate for the Frisco ISD community at the district, state and national level. This year’s School Board Recognition Month theme is Rising Above, in recognition of the challenges school boards across the country are currently facing in K-12 education.

From the February 2021 freeze to the continued challenges of a global pandemic, trustees have consistently focused on meeting the needs of students and staff while balancing competing priorities.

In the past year, trustees supported expanded opportunities for students. In June 2021, FISD announced a partnership with the City of Frisco and developer Craig Hall to build a performing arts center that will serve fine arts students across the District. In addition, trustees advocated for virtual learning in the state legislature, setting the stage for the new FISD+ program that will debut for high school students in the fall.

FISD Trustees with City Reps and Mr. Hall with Fine Arts Students_cBoard members also continued to invest in recruiting and retaining quality educators to work with students each day. This included a staff raise, retention bonus and special stipend and extra day off to recognize the extra effort required during these unique circumstances. A new employee health clinic will also open later this year as an added benefit to staff as health care costs continue to rise.

In addition, trustees provided input on planning for new schools to meet the needs of the District's growing student population. In 2021, the FISD tax rate fell to its lowest rate in more than two decades, thanks in part to the efforts of trustees, who worked with state lawmakers to overhaul the state's broken school finance system.

It is with immense gratitude that each campus is arranging its own special tribute to our current Board members: President Rene Archambault, Vice President John Classe, Secretary Chad Rudy, Gopal Ponangi, Natalie Hebert, Dynette Davis and Debbie Gillespie. Please follow the social media hashtags #OurFISDStory and #FISDWeAreOne to see many of the tributes in action over the course of the month of January.

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