FISD Football Players Selected for District 7-5A Honors

Congratulations to the 2021 District 7-5A Division II football honorees, as selected by the 7-5A coaches. Frisco ISD teams in 7-5A Division II are Frisco, Lebanon Trail, Liberty and Memorial. The 5-5A Division I honorees from Centennial, Heritage, Independence, Lone Star, Reedy and Wakeland are here.              

2021 District 7-5A Division II Football



District MVP                     
Keldric Luster, Liberty                    

Offensive MVP
Jadarian Price, Denison                

Defensive MVP                                               
Dillon Magee, Lovejoy                  

All-Purpose MVP                                                            
Brandon Miyazono, Frisco                                                                                                   

Offensive Newcomer of the Year                                                                           
Parker Livingstone, Lovejoy                                                                                                

Defensive Newcomer of the Year                                                            
Payton Pierce, Lovejoy                                                                                                        

Special Teams MVP                                                       
Preston Gregg,  Lake Dallas                         

Coaching Staff of the Year                                                          


QB: Brenner Cox, Rock Hill                                                           
RB: Bradford Martin, Frisco
RB: Donovan Shannon, Rock Hill                                               
TE: Jaren Hendricks, Denison
TE: Joshua Johnson, Frisco
FB: A.J. Yasilli, Frisco
H-Back: Matt Wagner, Rock Hill
WR: Lawson Towne, Liberty
WR: Jaxson Lavender, Lovejoy
WR: Kyle Parker,  Lovejoy
WR: Zion Steptoe, Memorial                                                     
C: Grehson Coates-Garcia, Rock Hill
OG: Cole Hutson, Frisco
OG: Marco Ybanez, Lovejoy
OG: Jacob Speer, Princeton
OT: Dameon Smallwood, Denison
OT: Austin Kawecki, Lebanon Trail
OT: Noah Gardner, Lovejoy
K: Gavin Marshall, Frisco


DE: Jakalen Fields, Denison
DE: Chika Ugoh, Liberty
DE: West Wilson, Lovejoy                                           
DL: Brian Kotecki, Lovejoy
DL: Braden Uhlmann, Memorial
DL: Casy Adjei, Rock Hill
ILB: William Wallis, Denison
ILB: A.J. Yasilli, Frisco
ILB: Phillip Joest, Lovejoy
OLB: Tate Horton, Frisco
OLB: Godwin Ugochukwu, Lake Dallas
OLB: Sam Wenaas, Liberty
OLB: Bennett Slaughter, Lovejoy
S: Drew Johnson, Frisco
S: Aaron Jamison-Johnson, Frisco
S: Trent Rucker, Lovejoy
S: Joseph McGinnis, Rock Hill                                     
CB: Jayden Lawton, Lovejoy
CB: Amin White, Memorial
CB: RJ DeMadet, Memorial
P: Conner Belew, Lebanon Trail 


QB: Brendan Soresby, Lake Dallas
QB: Alexander Franklin, Lovejoy                               
RB: Noah Naidoo, Lovejoy
RB: Junior Ombati, Princeton
FB: Matthew Mainord, Lovejoy
TE: Will Branum, Lovejoy                                             
RB: Jack Aleman, Denison
H-Back: Lane Droupy, Lovejoy
H-Back: Sam Wenaas, Liberty                                               
WR: Gavin Champ, Princeton
WR: Luke Knight, Rock Hill
WR: Ferron Cotton, Memorial
WR: Niki Gray, Lake Dallas
WR: Jack Bryan, Liberty
WR: Ryan Threat, Rock Hill           
C: Slater Eggen, Liberty
C: Sam Reynolds, Lovejoy
OG: Will Gillespie, Denison
OG: Matt Sermania, Rock Hill
OG: Chase King, Frisco   
OT: Stephen Walkiewicz, Frisco
OT: Hudson Balette, Lovejoy
OT: Brayden Reynolds, Rock Hill
OT: Gage Taylor, Lebanon Trail
OT: Lawson Ware, Frisco
OT: Kameran Sands, Memorial
K: Ian Villarreal, Memorial


DE: Zach Bahner, Lovejoy
DE: Graham Hawks, Frisco
DE: Malaki Turner, Frisco                                             
DL: Kinadee' Sims, Frisco
DL: Carson Cox, Lebanon Trail
DL: Xzavier Washington, Denison
ILB: Daniel Ajayi, Liberty
ILB: Max Honsaker, Memorial
ILB: Jarrett Hutson, Rock Hill
ILB: Jakobi Dehorney, Denison
ILB: Keeten Levin, Lovejoy         
OLB: Mark Lane, Lebanon Trail
OLB: Chase Bogle, Lovejoy
OLB: Gage Humbarger, Rock Hill
OLB: Billy Sanchez, Princeton     
S: Adam Eschler, Lovejoy
S: Kenyan Kelly, Denison
S: Will Jackson, Liberty 
CB: Jalik Lewis, Denison
CB: De'Teaurean Johnson, Denison
CB: Chris Johnson, Liberty
CB: Roderick Mapps, Lovejoy
P: Harley Fuller, Lake Dallas
P: Garrett Silvestri, Rock Hill

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