FISD Football Players Selected for District 5-5A Honors


Here are the District 5-5A Division I postseason honorees, as selected by the District's coaches. The FISD high schools that are part of 5-5A Division I are Centennial, Heritage, Independence, Lone Star, Reedy and Wakeland. The 7-5A Division II honorees from Frisco, Lebanon Trail, Liberty and Memorial are here.

(*Unanimous Selection)

Most Valuable Player
*Anthony Hill Jr., LB/RB, Denton Ryan, Jr.
*Ashton Jeanty, RB, Lone Star, Sr.

Offensive MVP
Garret Rangel, QB, Lone Star, Sr.
Jared White, RB, Wakeland, Sr.

Defensive MVP
*Michael Gee, DE, Denton Ryan, Sr.

Offensive Newcomer of The Year
Brennan Myer, QB, Wakeland, So.

Defensive Newcomer of The Year
Chance Rucker, C, Denton Ryan, Jr.

2-Way Player of the Year
Jaylon Braxton, DB/WR, Lone Star, Jr.

Utility Player of the Year
Reggie Bush, RB/S/K, Independence, Sr.

Coaching Staff of the Year
Dave Henigan, Denton Ryan Staff


Easton Swetnam, Heritage, Sr.
A.J. Padgett, Reedy, Sr.

Running Back
*Harry Stewart, Centennial, So.
*Kamden Wesely, The Colony, Jr.
*Coco Brown, Denton High, Jr.
*Shawn Wara, Heritage, Sr.
*Kalib Hicks, Denton Ryan, Jr.

Tight End/Fullback
Evan Stein, Lone Star, Jr.
Josh Goines, Reedy, Jr.
Tripp Riordan, Wakeland, Jr.

Wide Receiver
*Shafiq Taylor, The Colony, Sr.
*Tristan Strange, Denton High, Jr.
*Davion Woolen, Wakeland, Sr.
Bryce Gilchrist, Heritage, Jr.
Devin Turner, Lone Star, Sr.
Jordyn Bailey, Denton Ryan, Jr.
Carsten Brewer, Heritage, Sr.
A.J. Jayroe, Reedy, Jr.
Michael Davis, Denton Ryan, Sr.

Offensive Line
*Kyle Lofye, Lone Star, Sr.
*Bryan Buckett, Denton Ryan, Jr.
*Jack Jones, Wakeland, Sr.
*Kolt DeLaTorre, Denton Ryan, Jr.
*Kris Bailey, Lone Star, Sr.
*Henry Appleton, Denton Ryan, Sr.
*Connor Stroh, Wakeland, Jr.

Edwin Lopez, The Colony, Jr.


Defensive Line
Mason Davis, Denton Ryan, Sr.
Ravonte Blowe, Denton Ryan, Sr.
Carson McMillin, Wakeland, Sr.
BJ Thompson, Lone Star, Sr.

Defensive End
*Isaiah Whitaker, Lone Star, Sr.
*Dixon Hudson, Reedy, Jr.
*Mar'quice Hill, Denton Ryan, Jr.
*Jaewon Lee, Wakeland, Sr.

Inside LB
*J'cori Hargon, Lone Star, Sr.
*Zach Riggle, Lone Star, Sr.
*Hayden Latimer, Reedy, Sr.
*Michael Flanagan, Wakeland, Sr.
Alex Shirley, Wakeland, Sr.

Outside LB
*Kaden Kelly, Denton Ryan, Jr.
*Garrett Maynard, Wakeland, Sr.
*Fogo Sokoya, Lone Star, Sr.
Khylon Whitehurst, The Colony, Sr.
Jackson Albracht, Reedy, Sr.

*Garyreon Robinson, Denton Ryan, Sr.
*James Lundy, Denton Ryan, Sr.
*Davion Woolen, Wakeland, Sr.
*Devin Turner, Lone Star, Sr.

Austin Jordan, Denton Ryan, Sr
Noah Mangham, Wakeland, Sr.
Aidan McCowan, Independence, Sr.
Devin Hardy, Reedy, So.
Bruce Mitchell, Lone Star, Jr.

Edwin Lopez, The Colony, Jr.
Nolan Krinsky, Wakeland, Sr.


Khalon Davis, Denton Ryan, Jr.
Gabriel Barrientes, Lone Star, Jr.

Running Back
Ude Enyeribe, Independence, Jr.
Davonte Dunn, The Colony, Jr.
Aaron Daniels, Reedy, Jr.

Tight End/Fullback
Carson Maashoff, Reedy, Sr.
Caden Chaulk, The Colony, Sr.
John Said, The Colony, So.

Wide Receiver
Brett Eskildsen, Centennial, So.
Jasper Miller, Heritage, Jr.
Jake Simpson, Independence, Jr.
Erik Barr, Reedy, Sr.
Kaleb Smith, Reedy, Jr.
Noah Mangham, Wakeland, Sr.
Antonio Thomas, Denton Ryan, Sr.

Offensive Line
William Wallis, The Colony, Jr.
Sam Guitteau, Reedy, Sr.
Joseph Riley, Denton Ryan, Jr.
Ethan Chirinos, The Colony, Jr.
Josh Ryder, Centennial, Jr.
Xavier Olivo, Lone Star, Jr.
Cade Myer, Wakeland, Sr.
Wyatt Doyle, Independence, Sr.
Josh Cochron, The Colony, Jr.
Cody Meyers, Reedy, Sr.
Michael Perez, Denton Ryan, Sr.
Evan Vincent, Denton High, Sr.
Max Anderson, Reedy, Jr.

Jacob Culpepper, Heritage, Jr.
Cody Green, Lone Star, Sr.
Jackson Runyan, Reedy, So.
Jonathan Tripode, Wakeland, Jr.
Clayton Roblyer, Denton Ryan, Sr.


Defensive Line
Isaiah Ortiz, Independence, Sr.
Christian Cummings, The Colony, Sr.
Joseph Duffey, Reedy, Sr.
Trey Bates, Denton Ryan, So.
Burak Cetinkaya, Wakeland, Sr.
Isaiah Williams, Denton High, Jr.
Brett Karhu, Independence, Sr.
Chase Miller, Reedy, Sr.

Defensive End
Colby Cox, The Colony, Sr.
Kaden Freeman, Reedy, Jr.
Gage Autry, Wakeland, Sr.
Robert Sippio, Lone Star, Jr.

Inside LB
Josh Eckert, Centennial, Jr.
Devin Hensley, The Colony, Jr.
Brock Wollent, Reedy, Sr.
Justin Matthews, Independence, Sr.
Marquis Williams, Denton Ryan, Sr.
Brock Wollent, Reedy, Sr.

Outside LB
Brooks Bobbora, Centennial, Sr.
JB Reynolds, Lone Star, Sr.
Barrett Kennedy, Wakeland, Jr.
Aaron Trotter, The Colony, Jr.
Matthew Goldman, Independence, Jr.
Courtney Blackston, Denton High, Sr.

Will Rubalcava, Reedy, Jr.
Trevor Surgeson, The Colony, Sr.
Madaven Tillery, The Colony, Jr.
Bennett Fryman, Lone Star, Jr.
Jack Fortner, Independence, Sr.
Colin Peek, Wakeland, Sr.

Quinton Clay, Heritage, Sr.
Hudson Duong, The Colony, Sr.
Jake Wolff, Reedy, Sr.
Michael Price, Centennial, Jr.
Gus England, Wakeland, Sr.

Cody Green, Lone Star, Sr.

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