District Proposes Attendance Boundary Modifications

Frisco ISD has proposed attendance zone boundary changes for the 2022-23 school year that will impact elementary, middle and high school campuses on the west side of the school district. Access the slide show and watch the presentation.

The District is no stranger to the rezoning process and has rezoned 17 times over the past 20 years to accommodate the opening of 61 new campuses. The District celebrates the anticipated openings of Panther Creek High School and Minett Elementary School, which will both open in the fall of 2022 in the northwest corner of the District.

Historically, Frisco ISD attendance boundary modifications have also impacted campuses not immediately adjacent to the new campuses in an effort to effectively utilize space and balance enrollment. Much like in the past, opening these campuses will impact campuses not immediately adjacent.

The proposed 2022-23 boundary adjustments will include several elementary, middle and high school attendance zones in an effort to:

  • Effectively utilize available classroom space. FISD strives to provide schools with well-rounded programs and opportunities while maintaining room for growth that avoids leaving schools overcrowded or underutilized for an extended period of time. 

  • Balance enrollment in existing schools. Some campuses have increasing enrollment, while adjacent schools have declining enrollment. Attendance zone adjustments will distribute district resources in an equitable and fiscally responsible manner.

  • Promote student opportunities. In 2017, the Frisco ISD community reaffirmed the importance of an opportunity-rich educational environment with smaller schools, making rezoning inevitable but allowing students the opportunity to shine academically, artistically and athletically. 

  • Provide stability to growing attendance zones. The District looks at zones that can stay in place for the longest period of time while disrupting as few students as possible when rezoning. Some growing areas have anticipated rapid growth and the District is actively planning ahead for the communities with these boundaries. 

Learn about the rezoning process from Deputy Superintendent of Business and Operations Dr. Todd Fouche on the latest Frisco ISD Podcast that can be found on Spotify, Apple and Google.

The campuses proposed for boundary modifications are listed below. Families in the impacted communities will be communicated with directly on Wednesday, Oct. 13 via email. The email will include specific information such as neighborhoods/streets and bus transportation adjustments.

Elementary Schools (map)

As Minett Elementary School opens to students in August of 2022, some neighborhoods within the current Boals, Corbell, Miller, Newman, Phillips, Purefoy and Robertson elementary school zones would be part of the proposed attendance zone adjustments. The District is working to balance student enrollment across several elementary campuses that are built to accommodate 760 students, while effectively utilizing classroom space.

  • Miller Elementary is projected to have 923 students in the fall of 2022 without an attendance zone adjustment. As a result, some residential areas in the current Miller zone are proposed to move to Phillips Elementary. 

  • Some residential areas in the current Phillips Elementary zone are proposed to move to either Boals Elementary or Robertson Elementary as the District works to balance student enrollment.

  • Corbell Elementary is projected to have 832 students, while Purefoy Elementary is projected to have 371 students next year without a zoning adjustment. As a result, some residential areas in the current Corbell Elementary zone are proposed to move to Purefoy Elementary. This move would more effectively balance enrollment and resources between campuses. 

  • Some neighborhoods from Newman Elementary will be zoned to Minett Elementary. Newman was closed to additional student enrollment this past summer and the proposed zone anticipates increased enrollment as the neighborhoods in the zone develop.

Middle Schools (map)

Cobb and Pioneer Heritage middle schools will also be impacted by the proposed 2022-23 attendance zones. Pioneer Heritage is designed to accommodate 1,000 students; however, the campus is projected to be at 1,123 students in the fall of 2022 without rezoning. The proposed zone change would move Pioneer Heritage students to Cobb, which is projected to lose students over time without a boundary adjustment. This change would impact incoming sixth, seventh and eighth graders as well as future classes.

In the proposed adjustment, Pioneer Heritage also gains a new zone that runs along the Dallas North Tollway from Main Street to Cotton Gin. The zone is flanked by Legacy Drive on the east side and does not currently have any buildings or students.

High Schools (map)

Frisco, Lone Star, Reedy, Memorial and Wakeland high school attendance zones are included in the proposed changes. Most Frisco ISD high school campuses were designed for 2,100 students; however, fall of 2022 projections have Lone Star High School at 2,405 students,  Memorial High School at 2,122 students and Reedy High School at 2,435 students without rezoning.

  • Panther Creek High School anticipates opening in the fall of 2022 with incoming 9th-11th grade students from the current Lone Star and Memorial high school zones. When a new high school opens in an even year, FISD believes it is important to open with ninth grade only or grades 9-11 in order to maximize student opportunity. Opening a high school in an even year is in the first year of a UIL realignment and reclassification. If a school has just ninth and tenth graders in an even year, they would not be able to be in a UIL varsity competition district for two years. That means that those tenth graders would not get to compete at the varsity level in team sports and activities until their senior year. Opening Panther Creek with ninth grade only is not feasible in FISD at this time due to the need for relief at existing high schools.

  • It is proposed that select residential areas currently zoned for Reedy High School will instead attend Lone Star or Frisco high schools. The proposed change would impact incoming ninth and tenth graders as well as future classes; incoming juniors and seniors would not be affected. 

Without a zoning adjustment, Reedy risks exceeding the University Interscholastic League (UIL) cutoff for 5A schools during the next two-year realignment and reclassification, which will be based on enrollment numbers in October 2021. Although it is unclear what the UIL cutoff line for Class 5A and 6A will be, the current cutoff is 2,219 students. District projections indicate Reedy will enroll 2,435 students next fall without a zoning modification and that number would almost certainly place it in 6A.

  • Some residential areas of Frisco High School would be rezoned to Wakeland under the current proposal. This change would impact incoming ninth and tenth graders as well as future classes; incoming juniors and seniors would not be affected. 

Under the current projections without rezoning, Wakeland has a steady decline of students and this change would help balance anticipated enrollment. Notably, Frisco High School is the oldest high school campus in the District and does not have the same functional capacity of 2,100 students as the neighboring campuses.

New and growing programs, such as Pre-Kindergarten and bilingual classes or choice programs such as International Baccalaureate (IB) are also factors that impact zoning considerations. These programs, which draw students from outside each school’s attendance zone, are not reflected in attendance zone maps but must also be accounted for. 

The growing pains of an award-winning District in a fast-growth city are not taken lightly and input from families is welcome. Parents with questions or input regarding the proposed changes may call 469-633-6031 or email zoning@friscoisd.org. Input will be compiled and communicated with School Board members on a weekly basis.

Learn more about the attendance boundary modification process and access FAQs.

Campus Boundary Modification Timeline

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