Centennial Teacher Wins National Teaching Award

Sabrina Ewald with AAPG Award

Centennial High School teacher Sabrina Ewald is an award-winning teacher with a reputation for innovative teaching and helping students find a deeper understanding and passion for science. Ewald has recently been named the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation Teacher of the Year. 

The national award recognizes a K-12 teacher within the United States who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the field of geoscience education. Ewald is one of two Texas teachers to have ever won this award in its history.

“I am beyond humbled and honored to be selected for doing what I love most, teaching Earth science and helping students make real-world connections by engaging in hands-on learning,” Ewald said. “I am fortunate to teach what I am most passionate about.” 

Ewald grew up in a family that worked in the oil business and education, so it was not fortuitous for Ewald to end up as an impassioned high school science teacher.

She earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in education and science at Louisiana Tech University, where she began her studies in geology before changing to secondary science education. 

2018-19 Sabrina Ewald TeachingEwald has been a high school science teacher for her entire career spanning more than 20 years. For the past 16 years she has worked in FISD, bringing science and, specifically, geology and energy education, to high school students.

She is renowned for her hands-on approach to geoscience education that helps students comprehend and retain information faster and longer than the archaic sit-and-get lessons.

Receiving national recognition from AAPG is a full-circle moment for Ewald, who has been able to combine her passions for teaching and geology into a career that helps students see the value and importance of geology.

“Geology and geosciences are a critical part of the modern world and it is important that students have an opportunity to explore these fields of science,” Ewald said. “Whether online or in-person, I focus on being the best teacher I can for my students.

“I am committed to giving them a caring and engaging educational experience by delivering student-centered inquiry and investigation-based opportunities.” 

Ewald is a valued member of the FISD staff who has won several awards in the recent past including the 2016 and 2018 Texas Section Outstanding Earth Science Teacher by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers, 2019 Seidel Chapter of the Air Force Association STEM Teacher of the Year, 2019 Texas Air Force Association STEM Teacher of the Year and 2019 Southwest Region of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Teacher of the Year.

The District is proud of Ewald, who continues to take her students on a future-ready journey while preparing them for the challenges they will face in the futures they create.

Learn more about the AAPG Foundation.

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