Vandeventer Coach Jamie Siess Aims to Inspire Students

Sep 27, 2021

Jamie Siess (right) with Billy Thompson Vandeventer, the namesake for Vandeventer Middle School

Growing up in the small Oklahoma town of Clinton, Jamie Siess found coaches that influenced and inspired her to reach her goals. Not just in basketball, the sport she would star in at Oklahoma State, but in her path in life.

Fortunately for Frisco ISD, Siess’ path led to a 32-year teaching and coaching career that has included the past 22 years at FISD middle schools Staley, Pioneer Heritage and Vandeventer. Siess is now the girls athletics coordinator at Vandeventer, where she has been since the school opened in 2012.

“I hope I inspire our athletes to be their best on and off the court,” said Siess, who coaches basketball and track and field at Vandeventer. “My coaches did that for me and now it’s my turn to inspire young athletes to fully embody the mindset that discipline, integrity, compassion, hard work and teamwork are not just rules for sport but for life.”

VIDEO: Jamie Seiss talks about coaching

Coaches helped Siess develop into a high-level basketball player who is ninth on the career scoring list at Oklahoma State. She remembers how her coaches in elementary school, middle school, high school and college prepared her in different ways for her next steps.

“They helped create a foundation that I still use with my student-athletes today,” Siess said. “You see … it does take a village to raise a child.”

Siess said she wouldn’t be where she is now without the help and support of a long list of current and former FISD coaches. She also appreciates all the support she receives from parents, administrators and leaders in Frisco ISD.

And then there are the students, who Siess said always evoke her best coaching memories. She enjoys watching them dedicate themselves to something and pursue it with enthusiasm.

“Coaches have the opportunity to inspire their athletes to reach their goals and I love being a small part in helping our students find success,” Siess said. “So many of our athletes are now coaches, teachers, doctors and attorneys, and I hope that somehow, some way, we had a part in laying the foundation for their success.”


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