Community Called to Share Professional Expertise with Students

Partner FlyerFrisco ISD students benefit from numerous opportunities to engage with community members who take time from their busy careers to share their knowledge and expertise with students. In an average school year, the District has about 17,000 individual volunteers who donate their time to students.

Frisco ISD aims to empower young people to become future ready through partnerships with professionals in the community and is actively looking to add volunteers and mentors. 

“Frisco ISD students need experts in the community now more than ever,” said Allison Miller, director of community relations. “The pandemic has changed the way many people work and altered aspects of their professions. 

“In this changing landscape, it is vital that students have access to professionals who can speak to how their career is actively adapting to the current climate.”

There are options for community members to volunteer both virtually and in person. Masks are suggested but are not required in FISD facilities. Several programs, including Business INCubatoredu, the Speaker’s Bureau, and Independent Study and Mentorship, are actively seeking volunteers. 

Frisco ISD Business Incubator Program 

Through Business INCubatoredu, students brainstorm a business idea, create a business plan, and pitch the plan to investors in hopes of getting funded by the Frisco Education Foundation.

Community volunteers can help in every step of the process, including as a coach, “shark,” mentor, community champion or financial sponsor

  • With provided lessons, Incubator coaches directly teach students virtually or in-person through lectures and activities about their area of expertise. Whether marketing, finance, sales, etc., students will want to use your knowledge to bolster their business idea.

  • Incubator Mentors guide students virtually and in-person through weekly check-ins. The students look to mentors for answers, but mentors guide students on how to find answers themselves.

  • Incubator Board of Advisors offer strategic direction to student teams twice a year at student presentations or pitches.

  • Those who enjoy engaging the school business community in support of the Incubator programming may enjoy the role of a Community Champion.

While all FISD high schools offer entrepreneurship classes, Incubator programming is currently available at Centennial, Frisco, Heritage and Lone Star high schools. The campuses look forward to welcoming business-minded volunteers virtually and in-person.

Volunteer With the Business Incubator Program

Career and Technical Education Coordinator Lisa Curry is also available to answer questions regarding programming and how to volunteer at

Independent Study and Mentorship (ISM)

ISM is an elective course for juniors and seniors that allows students to delve deep into a topic of study with the guidance of a mentor who can provide real-world guidance. Whether in-person or virtual, Frisco ISD students are eagerly waiting to engage with community members who can provide them with career experience and guidance.

  • Professional Panels - Each fall, professionals in the Frisco community engage with students during the ISM Student Symposium. For an evening, volunteers sit on a panel and talk about their career and answer student questions.

  • Informational Interviews - Each fall, students engage in 30-minute interviews with several professionals to learn about their chosen field of study. The District is in need of volunteers who are willing to engage with students to explain their profession.

  • Mentorships - Students ask one professional to serve as their mentor where the students hope to gain first-hand experience about the realities of the career or topic of their interest. The mentor engages with the student about an hour a week, provides guidance on student projects and provides shadowing opportunities.

Last year, FISD students were mentored by community members regarding several topics including sports photography, graphic design, criminal law, cardiology and so much more.

Volunteer with ISM

ISM would not be possible without the gracious support of professionals in the community. Learn more about ISM volunteer opportunities. Contact Krishna Chetty at to inquire about volunteering.

Speakers Bureau

Frisco ISD actively collects names and contact information from people within the community who are willing to lend some time, share their expertise and make a difference in the educational experience of our students. Individual teachers and departments can then use this list to invite speakers to engage with their students on everything from interesting hobbies and STEM to engineering and fine arts.

Learn more about the various topics educators request and apply to join the Speakers Bureau.

Volunteer with Frisco ISD

Volunteers contribute greatly to the success of our students and schools. Frisco ISD appreciates all of the volunteers who give their valuable time and knowledge to help our students grow and learn. Learn more about volunteering in FISD.

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