New Middle School Planned for Northwest Frisco

Middle School #18 Front EntryMiddle School #18 Commons AreaMiddle School #18 Academic HubMiddle School #18 Exterior Courtyards

The Frisco ISD Board of Trustees got a look at the design of FISD’s next middle school campus at its regular September meeting.

Middle school #18 will be built on a site in northwest Frisco, north of the future Panther Creek High School and adjacent to the new PGA headquarters and golf courses. 

Construction on the campus is set to begin later this year, with the school opening to students for the 2023-24 school year. Attendance boundaries will be set in fall 2022. 

A principal with the architectural firm Corgan told Board members that design of the two-story building was inspired by input from a group of internal stakeholders, including District leaders, principals and curriculum coordinators.

Creating spaces for collaboration and outdoor learning were driving factors, along with providing flexibility, variety and choice for educators and students.

Classrooms will be grouped into three academic hubs, with two outdoor learning plazas between them, each with their own direct access from inside the building. Classroom organization will allow for connections to the larger learning community, while also maintaining the ability for rooms to be closed off when necessary.

“The basic building block is still classrooms, but a lot of the teachers and principals were saying that a lot of times, they spilled out of the classrooms, but they needed to have connections between these other spaces, whether it was larger groups going somewhere or smaller groups,” said Brett Sumro, education principal with Corgan. “The idea is that if all the students weren’t directly in front of them, that you would still have a visual connection and supervision of them.”

Another driving factor in the school’s design is the idea that learning can happen anywhere, so the entire building should serve as a learning tool. 

In line with that vision, the campus will feature a central commons area in lieu of a traditional cafeteria that can be used as a learning space as well as for dining. Science labs have been re-envisioned as innovation labs to provide opportunities for the labs to be used by other classes and for other STEM-related activities.

The exterior of the campus will include stone, brick and exposed steel to fit with Panther Creek High School, the PGA and other developments planned in the area. 

To learn more about the look and feel of the campus, download the Board presentation from Corgan. Joeris General Contractors, Ltd. will serve as the school’s general contractor.

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