Frisco ISD, Melissa ISD Students Work Together on Football Broadcast

2021 FISD Student Sports Broadcast

On the field at Kuykendall Stadium on Friday night, the Memorial High School and Melissa High School football teams battled for victory. In the pressbox, however, students from Frisco ISD and Melissa ISD worked together to show the game to fans.

With Melissa ISD planning its first live football video stream at a road game, Frisco ISD Sports Broadcast Director Steven Doherty and Melissa ISD CTE Coordinator Doug Bingman decided to combine their crews of student broadcasters. The FISD student broadcast crew, which typically handles all production and on-air duties for live streams of football games at Kuykendall Stadium, was joined by two Melissa High School students for the broadcast.

The Melissa students rotated through roles working with cameras, replays and graphics for the stream, experiencing what FISD student broadcasters have been part of since the District began producing live student broadcasts several years ago. The District now does live streams of all football games at FISD home venues (Kuykendall Stadium, Ford Center and Toyota Stadium), with members of the FISD Student Sports Broadcast Club handling all production at Kuykendall Stadium.

"It's great for the students to see the variety of avenues in broadcasting and all the different sides of production," Bingman said.

Frisco ISD and Melissa ISD each stream events live on the NFHS Network, which is available to fans through a monthly or yearly subscription. This fall, FISD is streaming nearly all high school and middle school football games and volleyball matches that are played at FISD venues.

FISD Student Sports Broadcast produces live games and recorded features throughout the school year. Students who are interested in being part of Frisco ISD Student Sports Broadcasts should contact Steven Doherty ( or Lauri Keck (

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