Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year

Aug 06, 2021


Frisco ISD looks forward to kicking off another great school year!

The first day of on-campus classes is Thursday, August 12. The first day of online classes for students who chose this option is Monday, August 16

Once you have enrolled with Frisco ISD, including returning proof of residency and any updated immunization records, you are sent a welcome email that includes your child’s student ID number. If you missed the email, please check your junk or spam folder. Save this ID number as it is the key to all of your next steps. 

Whether you are new to the District or a veteran Frisco ISD parent, there are a number of things to know and do to set your child up for success in the new school year.

COVID-19 Response 

Frisco ISD is eager to welcome students back to campus for in-person learning. An opportunity was also available for students in sixth grade and younger to attend classes online for the first nine weeks of school.

The District has announced protocols that will be in place on campus during the 2021-22 school year. Review details, including limitations placed on FISD by the state

School Calendar & Hours

Download the full 2021-22 school calendar or sync specific calendars to your phone. The A/B calendar is a resource for high school students who take only half of their classes on any given school day.

In Texas, each district is required to provide a total of 75,600 minutes of instruction to students each school year. Access the school hours for your child’s campus. High school and middle school campuses publish their bell schedule on the campus website.

Meals & Transportation

All Frisco ISD students will be able to receive free breakfast and lunch on campus each day in the 2021-22 school year. Despite this incredible benefit, parents should still set up their meal accounts and apply for reduced/free meals.

Once you have set up your child's meal account, you can easily  print the monthly menu options or download the app to access them from your phone.

Frisco ISD uses a computerized routing and mapping system as the standard by which all eligibility measurements are made. Transportation is available for children who live two miles or more from their assigned school, with a few exceptions. See if you qualify and find your bus route.

Student and Parent Accounts

Student Portal
The Student Portal is a place where students access online resources like Google apps, student email and the Home Access Center. Make sure you know how to sign in to the student portal.

The Gateway
As a parent, The Gateway is a fantastic resource for you to access your student’s grades, request a student transfer and more. Make sure you know how to sign in to The Gateway

Support Your Campus

Join the PTA
The Frisco ISD Council of PTAs supports more than 60 campuses across the school district and includes thousands of parents as members. Find your PTA and learn about how you can sign up and support your campus. Once you find your PTA, make sure to follow their social media.

Frisco ISD requires background checks for all volunteers and other purposes. If you plan to volunteer, or have been instructed to submit a background check, please sign up through AppGarden. Sign up to volunteer.

News & Information 

Save important webpages to your browser or phone. The school district and campuses post important information on the homepages regularly.

Follow your child's school on all social media platforms. Your campus may have an official Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. When there is important information that needs to get out, you can be certain it will be found there.

Make sure to “opt in” for text messages by texting “Y” or “Yes” to 67587 to ensure you receive the text messages from the campus and District. FISD utilizes the messaging service on a limited basis for a variety of timely communications including school closures or delays. 

Sign up for Frisco ISD’s newsletters. The District sends newsletters frequently to help families stay informed on everything from fine arts to events.

Follow Frisco ISD on all social media platforms.

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