Free Summer Learning Opportunities Available for Secondary Students

Frisco ISD students entering grades 7-12 in the 2021-22 school year will have access to free online learning resources this summer. Content will be available to hone students’ knowledge and skills in core subjects as well as to further their social and emotional development.

Lessons will be organized by course and topic to give students the flexibility to focus on the material and skills that meet their unique needs. All of the learning is fully asynchronous, meaning students can work on their own time and at their own pace. 

The academic component, known as Summer Bridge, is back from summer 2020. Designed to help ensure students are ready to be successful in the new school year and beyond, the program empowers students to direct their own learning in areas where they may have struggled. 

“This program is really a first step in helping students fill in any learning gaps, including those that may have been created or exacerbated by the pandemic,” said Dr. Wes Cunningham, chief academic officer. “FISD continues to evaluate new opportunities to further support students and teachers, and we look forward to sharing plans for funds allocated to the District through the American Rescue Plan in the coming weeks.”

To focus their studies through Summer Bridge, secondary students can either utilize their individual results from the STAAR 2021 spring assessments or take an online assessment at the beginning of a course to identify areas for growth and specific content areas to explore. This is a great option for families who did not participate in STAAR this year but still seek feedback on their student’s progress during the 2020-21 school year as well as resources to help close any learning gaps before the new school year begins. 

The Frisco ISD Social & Emotional Learning Summer Program will offer students similar flexibility to pick and choose the content that best fits their needs or interests. 

Free online lessons and on-demand videos will cover a variety of topics designed to help students develop skills critical for success in school and life  – from study skills and goal setting to developing self-confidence and a positive mindset. 

Asynchronous virtual learning opportunities through the Summer Bridge and SEL Summer Program will be open for students to self-enroll between June 1 and July 30, 2021. Enrolled students will be able to access the content throughout the summer and school year so long as they have engaged with the material in the last 30 days.  

All of the content is for self-initiated mastery and reflective purposes and participation does not provide students with credit or exemptions.

To learn more about how students can enroll in one of these programs, please visit the Free Secondary Summer Learning Opportunities section on the District website.

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