Visual Art Students Earn Gold Seals and Medals at State VASE

May 06, 2021

The Frisco ISD high school visual art program is a consistent powerhouse in the annual State Visual Art Scholastic Event and this year was no different. Across the state, more than 22,500 pieces of artwork were judged through VASE this year, including the 50 artworks sent to State by Frisco ISD. 

Of those, 46 pieces received a medal or Gold Seal, an incredible accomplishment for the high school visual arts students across the District. Frisco ISD students earned 10 Gold Seals out of only 150 Gold Seals awarded state wide. 

VASE judges consider five main criteria when reviewing student artwork including: purpose or execution of intent, technique or use of media and tools, personal expression, elements and principles of art, and the ability to communicate an effective interpretation of all aspects of the creative process.

To have works selected for this incredible honor is a tribute both to the hard work of the students and to the high standards that educators have set for student achievement. 

Congratulations to all of the students who were rated 4-Exemplary and especially those who earned the Gold Seal with a level 5-Distinguished rating.

Gold Seal Medal Winners

  • Audrey Bactad, Heritage High School

  • Deeksha Bompada, Independence High School

  • Kayla Buckley, Centennial High School

  • Lara Gonzalez, Independence High School

  • Madison Heydon, Wakeland High School

  • Anusha Kashyapa, Independence High School

  • Joy Kim, Liberty High School

  • Tiffany Ling, Independence High School

  • Helen Qin, Independence High School

  • Maviya Yaseen, Independence High School

Rating 4 Medalists

  • Leina Beshir, Independence High School

  • Deeksha Bompada, Independence High School

  • Molly Bucek, Heritage High School

  • Kayla Buckley, Centennial High School

  • Claire Callaway, Independence High School

  • Hailey Crawford, Heritage High School

  • Sneha Das, Reedy High School

  • Ryan Habib, Centennial High School

  • Detrek Hansen, Independence High School

  • Jane Hao, Liberty High School

  • Madison Heydon, ​Wakeland High School

  • Chloe Hicks, Lebanon Trail High School

  • Amelia Horrocks, Reedy High School

  • Venella Jilla, Independence High School

  • Sehar Kapadia, Independence High School

  • Mauli Karapurkar, Liberty High School

  • Medha Kashpaya, Independence High School

  • Nithya Katpally, Centennial High School

  • Srinjoyi Lahiri, Lebanon Trail High School

  • Macy Li, Centennial High School

  • Nivedhithaa Manikandan, Independence High School

  • Gregory Oganesyan, Centennial High School

  • Brandon Paz, Reedy High School

  • Shriya Peddapuram, Independence High School

  • Erin Shanahan, Lone Star High School

  • Riya Shrivastava, Centennial High School

  • Maya Silberman, Liberty High School

  • Alekhya Vattikuti, Independence High School

  • Veda Vyakaranam, Independence High School

  • Campbell Williams, Independence High School 

  • Ghazal Yadav, Independence High School

  • Sage Yang, Lone Star High School

  • Ashwin Yogaratnam (2), Memorial High School

  • Claire Zhang, Centennial High School

  • Amy Zhou, Independence High School

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