Emerson Students Choose the Campus Mascot

Mar 15, 2021

This fall, Emerson High School students will walk the halls as Mavericks.

“Being a Maverick means going outside of your comfort zone and doing things you didn’t think were possible,” said Emerson Principal Kristen Sommers. “It’s about being fearless.”

Students who will attend the school, located at 6300 Collin McKinney Parkway in McKinney, made suggestions for the school mascot beginning last fall and voted on the top contenders earlier this year.

Emerson’s school colors are dark blue and light blue. The name, Emerson High School, honors the town of Emerson that pre-existed Lebanon, Texas, a predecessor of the City of Frisco. Learn more about the town and its namesake.

In its inaugural year, Emerson will open to freshmen and sophomores who live east of Custer Road. Emerson will continue to add a new class each year, eventually being a 9-12 campus. Emerson students will bring a variety of experiences and perspectives to the school, helping shape what it means to be a Maverick.

“Mavericks are independent and not afraid to take risks,” said Associate Principal Rich Balling. “We want to empower students and create a learning community that is safe for all students.”

As Mavericks, the first students and staff of Emerson help determine new school traditions. Students will launch new clubs and organizations and get leadership opportunities they might not have had otherwise. It is also a chance for students to make new friends and get a fresh start in a different environment.

“I want our students to fulfill their potential and be successful in their life after they leave Emerson in all the ways they want to pursue their dreams,” Sommers said. “Emerson High School is more than a building, we are the Mavericks paving the way for ourselves and others.”

Stay tuned to Emerson’s social media accounts and campus website for the future logo reveal!

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