All STAAR Testing to Take Place On Campus

Mar 02, 2021

As with prior school years, this spring the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is requiring school districts to administer the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), as well as STAAR End-of-Course assessments (EOCs). Testing will occur in April and May, with dates varying by grade level and subject.

Elementary and Middle School Testing Dates
Grade Level Writing Math Reading Science S‚Äčocial Studies
 3rd grade    May 13  May 14    
 4th grade  April 6  May 11  May 12    
 5th grade    May 11  May 12  May 13  
 6th grade*    May 11  May 14    
 7th grade*  April 6  May 11  May 14    
 8th grade*    May 13  May 12  May 6  May 7
 *Middle school students taking an EOC course should also reference the calendar below.
STAAR End-of-Course (EOC) Exam Testing Dates
English I English II Algebra Biology US History
 April 6  April 8  May 4  May 5  May 5

Assessments provide teachers and parents with important data to support classroom instruction and guide students to their full potential. STAAR is one such assessment that provides insight on student proficiency of grade-level knowledge and skills. 

This year, campuses have the option to test students on paper, online or a combination of the two as the state transitions to fully online testing by the 2022-23 school year; however, all tests must be administered at a monitored District location. 

TEA did not provide a provision to accommodate at-home STAAR testing, therefore Virtual Academy students will test face-to-face at their campus. Bus-eligible students will have the opportunity to ride the bus. 

Frisco ISD recognizes that some Virtual Academy families may feel testing onsite is not a viable option for their student for health reasons. The District respects a family's decision to not have their child participate in the STAAR assessment while continuing their studies via remote learning. However, if a child does not test, the campus will not have access to key pieces of data to support the student’s learning and address any gaps. 

In order to maximize school capacity and increase opportunities for social distancing during the STAAR administration, FISD is planning asynchronous virtual learning on certain days for secondary students on days when they are not testing. Students will work independently from home on the following days, so long as they do not have a test scheduled on campus:

  • Sixth grade Virtual Academy students - April 6, May 4, May 6, May 7, May 12 and May 13

  • Seventh grade Virtual Academy students - May 6, May 4, May 7, May 12 and May 13

  • Eighth grade face-to-face students - May 4, May 11, May 13 and May 14

  • Eighth grade Virtual Academy students - April 6, May 4, May 11, May 13 and May 14

  • High school face-to-face and Virtual Academy students - April 6, April 8, May 4 and May 5

Results from this year’s assessments will not be used for state or federal accountability purposes, meaning A-F ratings will not be assigned. In addition, the grade promotion requirement for fifth and eighth graders has been waived for 2020-21. However, state leaders are hoping STAAR data will help them better understand the impact of the pandemic on student learning. 

Graduation requirements remain in place. Students must have passed STAAR End-of-Course (EOC) assessments, scored high enough on a substitute assessment (e.g., SAT or ACT) or met the requirements of an individual graduation committee to graduate. Courses with EOCs include English I, English II, Algebra, Biology and U.S. History. Although many students may have future opportunities to take EOCs prior to graduation, Frisco ISD encourages students to participate in EOCs while they are taking the course.

The District is compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to the spring 2021 STAAR administration. Please reference this page and check back as new questions and answers are added.

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