Asynchronous Virtual Learning for All Students Feb. 22-23


Thank you for your patience as we work to ensure each of our 72 campuses are safe for the return of our students and staff. At this time, the District is moving forward with plans for all students to participate in asynchronous virtual learning tomorrow, Monday, Feb. 22 and Tuesday, Feb 23. 

After Tuesday, the District will take a day-by-day approach and will update parents with a list of campuses that will be open to students the following day. These communications with staff and parents will begin Tuesday. This week’s openings may include campuses at all levels – elementary, middle and high school. 

For asynchronous days, your child’s teacher(s) will be in touch with you no later than each morning to share learning activities and assignments that can be completed any time before midnight. Lessons will also be posted in Google Classroom and/or Seesaw for elementary and Canvas for secondary. In light of the circumstances, there will be no required live instruction, even for Virtual Academy students on Monday and Tuesday. Teachers will be available via email and during designated times to support students. 

The District continues to assess our facilities in the wake of last week’s winter weather and is working with our utility providers to restore water, power and food to each campus. 

We appreciate your patience and will continue to keep you updated regarding the progress of our campuses as we work to reopen our schools safely.


Feb. 19, 2021


This week has been challenging for the state and community as we have again faced extraordinary challenges beyond our control. Throughout this crisis, the Frisco ISD maintenance department has worked tirelessly to protect our facilities from significant damage as a result of the extreme weather conditions and power outages. In addition, significant steps were taken to reduce the amount of resources our facilities utilize and in some cases, buildings were taken completely off the electric grid in order to protect our infrastructure and help conserve energy. This also helped our electric providers prioritize power to homeowners. 

We are hopeful these efforts have been successful in reducing any severe damage. Thankfully at this time, there have only been minor issues reported in some of our buildings. 

As conditions continue to improve, Frisco ISD will begin bringing our 80 buildings back online with the guidance of our utility providers. This will be a time and labor intensive process that will allow us to continue to assess for any additional damage to our facilities. The District is committed to ensuring that our buildings are safe and stable environments for students and staff when they return to campus.

Unfortunately, because of the way in which we are required to bring campuses back online with our providers, and the time frame in which they will be available to assist our maintenance teams, this process will take longer than a few days. Frisco ISD cannot safely bring students and staff back into our buildings on Monday. Our hope is to resume on-campus instruction as soon as possible for face-to-face learners, but the District must restore power and water and resupply food to our schools before students and staff can be back on campuses.

Our tentative plan at this time is for all students to participate in asynchronous virtual learning on Monday and Tuesday. It may be Wednesday before our elementary campuses are able to return to on-campus learning, and it could be March 1 for our secondary campuses. This plan is dependent on the restoration of our campuses and reliability of electricity and internet connectivity to our communities and campuses. FISD will share an update with you Sunday regarding the upcoming week.  

We know this has been a trying time for our students and families, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to reopen our schools safely. 

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