Community Called to Gift Books to Students in Need

Thank You - 2021 Book DriveThanks to countless contributions from individuals, a $5,000 donation from the Frisco Education Foundation and large donations from CrossFirst Bank and Atmos Energy, Frisco ISD was able to surpass its goal! The new books will be distributed privately to students across the District during the last week of school so they have at least one book to engage with over the summer.

The Frisco ISD Federal Programs team has launched the “Every Student, One Book at a Time” campaign to provide books to economically disadvantaged students over the upcoming summer. Members of the community can find the Scholastic link to purchase the books at

In 2019, the District piloted this campaign before pausing it due to social-distancing concerns in the spring of 2020. In the pilot campaign over 3,500 books were distributed to economically disadvantaged elementary students across the District. It was truly a special initiative that brought smiles to so many students who were overjoyed with a book to call their own. 

In celebration of literacy, the District is expanding the opportunity to more campuses and students. The 2021 campaign strives to deliver one book to every student across the District who is economically disadvantaged.

“We know that all families, including those that are economically disadvantaged, have a strong desire for their children to grow academically,” said Cindy Gibson, instructional facilitator for FISD federal programs. “Financial and transportation challenges prevent families from either starting a home library or gaining access to the public library and we want to help bridge this gap. 

“Many of the families in our previous campaign expressed thanks to the community for providing their child’s very first, brand new, self-selected title.” 

The District is looking for the community’s help to gift books to more than 8,500 elementary, middle and high school students across all 72 campuses. The goal is for these students to have the opportunity to take home a minimum of one book prior to the last day of school that they can engage with over summer break.

Frisco ISD has more low socioeconomic status students than 80% of the districts in Texas have in their total student population.

Research shows that 80% of the achievement gap between middle-income and lower-income children accrues during the summer.  

To bridge this gap, the community is being asked to gift new books for the campaign through this Scholastic link. Scholastic was chosen based on the low price of books, ease of purchase for the community and their agreement to coordinate getting books delivered directly to campuses.

The librarians on each campus will facilitate the book distribution to ensure students have guidance from someone they trust right on their campus while maintaining student privacy.

Reading is the only activity consistently linked with summer learning, and Frisco ISD believes that all children should have access to books over the summer. 

“Every child deserves an opportunity to have books in their hands that they have chosen and are interested in,” said Wes Cunningham, FISD chief academic officer. “This provides them opportunities to achieve their highest potential as a reader.

“Literacy is a fundamental skill in the pursuit of future ready learning. This campaign provides all students the access and choice they deserve to quality, meaningful literature at home.”

If you are interested in providing books to students in Frisco ISD, please go to the Scholastic website. If you have questions regarding the initiative or would like to partner with the District on a financial donation, please reach out to the Federal Programs team at

FEF Check Presentation to Federal ProgramsSpecial Thanks

A special thank you goes to the Frisco Education Foundation who provided a $5,000 donation to kickstart the campaign!

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