District Expands Secondary Course Offerings

Students will have more options than ever as Frisco ISD continues to expand course offerings across the District for the 2021-22 school year.

There are two new choice programs at the high school level and more classes to choose from in the health science and the broadcast pathways. The new high school electives also include a class on esports and another on African American Studies. The Advanced Placement Seminar class is also offering a section with content focused on Multicultural Studies.

Middle schools are expanding their technology offerings and supporting students with Engineering, Computer Science and Digital Communication classes that will support the transition to rigorous high school classes.

“The District continually seeks to ensure students are college and career ready as the needs of employers and society change over time,” said Dr. Angela Romney, managing director of academic programs. “We take student interests into consideration at every stage of the process when we look at what we offer as a District.”

Learn more about the classes and programs below and be sure to check out the academic catalogs to learn more about how these courses fit into the larger academic vision of the District. Each course title listed is linked directly to the associated information page in the course catalog.

Choice High School Programs

International Baccalaureate at Frisco High School
The IB Diploma Programme is a pathway of rigorous courses designed to prepare students to positively influence their community and world, while also providing college credit. Students are admitted into the IB Diploma Programme during their eighth-grade year to attend Frisco High School starting in the ninth grade; however, the courses start in the eleventh-grade year. The program is open to all students across Frisco ISD through an admissions process. Click here to learn more about the IB Programme.

Navy National Defense Cadet Corp at Lebanon Trail High School
The Secretary of the Navy approved the establishment of a Navy National Defense Cadet Corps unit at Lebanon Trail High School. The program, similar to a Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program, emphasizes the importance of citizenship and personal responsibility while building leadership skills. All high school students across the District have the opportunity to apply to attend Lebanon Trail to participate in the program. Click here to learn more about the NNDCC program and the annual application process.

High School Classes

Health Science Pathway Expansion
Students working on the Health Service pathway within the Public Service Endorsement have three additional dual credit courses through Collin College to choose from. The Pharmacy Technician class will provide students with skills to prepare for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, while the Rehabilitation Aide class provides hands-on experience for those interested in physical therapy, personal training and other related medical fields. Medical Scribe provides students with the tools to document physician-patient interaction so doctors can focus on the treatment of the patient. All three new courses provide students the opportunity to receive industry certifications.

Arts, Audio/Video Tech & Communications Pathway Expansion
Students in the Arts, A/V Tech and Communications pathway now have an expanded pathway with several new courses. 

The Audio/Video pathway offers students an opportunity to concentrate in news production, sports broadcasting or both. The home-campus offerings include the introductory courses in News and Sports Broadcasting along with the expanded Practicum in News Broadcasting courses while the Career & Technical Education Center will expand offerings in the Practicum in Sports Broadcasting.

As a member of the A/V Production program, students will also be expected to demonstrate directing and production skills and may serve as voice and on-camera talent. Students will create and build a professional portfolio to demonstrate mastery of skills and experience. 

Students enrolled in the new CTEC courses Practicum in Sports Broadcasting I & II will demonstrate their knowledge by producing, shooting and reporting live games from The Ford Center, Memorial Stadium, Toyota Stadium and high school campuses according to the sport in season (i.e. softball, baseball, basketball, volleyball, etc.).

Introduction to Esports Class
Students pursuing an endorsement in Business & Industry with a specialization in Marketing, Sales & Services, now have the opportunity to take an Introduction to Esports class. Students will explore career pathway interests within the esports industry and gain skills related to broadcasting, video game programming and much more.

African American Studies Class
The District is expanding its social studies electives with African American Studies, where students will learn about the history and cultural contributions of African Americans. This course develops an understanding of the historical roots of African American culture, especially as it pertains to social, economic and political interactions within the broader context of United States history.

Advanced Placement Seminar Course: Multicultural Section                             
The AP Seminar course engages students in cross-curricular conversations that explore the complexities of academic and real-world topics and issues by analyzing divergent perspectives. 

This course will be expanded in the 2021-22 school year to utilize a curriculum related to multicultural studies. Students will select topics of interest related to the African diaspora, Latin American studies, Asian American studies and related multicultural topics. Students will learn to synthesize information from multiple sources, develop their own perspectives in research-based written essays and much more.

Middle School Technology Applications

Seventh and eighth-grade students have Computer Science as an additional elective option after completing Academy Connect in sixth grade. This course was created based on student interest and is intended to provide a solid foundation for popular high school technology courses.

Computer Science

Computer science enables students to become proficient technology users, digital creators, problem solvers, and innovators. In this introductory course, students will learn the foundational concepts and skills of computer science and understand what it means to be “creators” rather than mere consumers of technology. 

Further information on these and other courses can be found in the District Academic Guide and Course Catalog and campus counselors have a great deal of knowledge on the various options.

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