Frisco ISD Celebrates Veterans

Nov 11, 2020

Frisco ISD Veterans Day celebrations look a little different this year as campuses seek to honor military veterans and give thanks to those who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

While campuses usually hold assemblies and ceremonies honoring veterans to campus audiences, the pandemic has brought new opportunities to celebrate on a larger scale.

Becky Trimble, her mother V Beetley, and brother Michael BeetleyMany campuses, including Ashley Elementary, have moved from an in-person assembly to a virtual slideshow with embedded videos that honor those in their community who have served. The presentation was put together by U.S. Air Force veteran and Ashley music teacher Becky Trimble.

“I am thankful for the opportunities afforded to me through the military, and Veterans Day is a great time to show students that even though they don’t see me or their parents, grandparents or teachers in uniform, it has shaped who we are,” Mrs. Trimble said. “As I worked on planes, I learned important skills that I work hard to instill in my students including a strong work ethic, promptness and attention to detail.”

Her husband, Ashley Elementary PE coach David Trimble, heartily agrees that the lessons he learned during his 20 years of service are embedded in his teaching.

David Trimble with the 57th AGS Commander at Nellis AFB“Being part of the U.S. Air Force was challenging, but you never know what you can achieve until you are willing to try new things and that is important for me to share with my students,” Mr. Trimble said. “While I want my students to set goals for themselves, I also want them to have fun while they are learning and developing life skills.

“They have opportunities in my class to learn perseverance and grit. I am proud of them and the work that they put both into my class and in the jump roping club that I facilitate.”

Before retiring from service, the Trimbles both worked on classified planes in Las Vegas. They have a wealth of stories to share about their time in the service, but their eyes glow when they talk about the success of their students.

“Like the military, teaching isn’t money-driven. It is accomplishment driven. The more our students accomplish, the better we feel. We live for our jobs and teaching,” said Mrs. Trimble.

Across the District at Frisco High School, Associate Principal Tai Davis echoes their dedication. As captain of the Army Military Police Corps, Davis had the opportunity to lead a number of platoons through training that eventually landed her in Germany and Bosnia for pivotal moments in history.

Tai Davis poses in a one-armed pushup“I started in the JROTC in Plano ISD when I was in high school, joined the Corp of Cadets at Texas A&M, and joined the U.S. Army soon thereafter,” Davis said. “Whether I was leading in the military or as an educator, building character through personal responsibility has been a consistent lesson I try to both embody and teach.”

Frisco High School is excited to honor its veterans virtually with a digital wall of honor this year and hopes that it will inspire students to learn more about their country and service opportunities. 

Frisco ISD has been approved to host a Navy National Defense Cadet Corps program at Lebanon Trail High School starting in the 2021-22 school year, and any high school student across the District has the ability to apply for the program. Students and their families who are interested in learning more about the new NNDCC should plan to attend today’s webinar from 6-7 p.m.

“The NNDCC is a great addition to Frisco ISD’s already strong programs!” Davis said. “As a former participant in high school JROTC, I know students will benefit greatly from the new friendships made, confidence gained and leadership skills learned as part of the program.”

Thank you to the numerous veterans on the staff across Frisco ISD who continue to serve their country and community with their giving hearts. The District is #StrongerTogether with the diverse set of skills that all staff bring to students each day.

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