Instructional Leaders Win Distinguished Administrator Awards

Oct 28, 2020

The Texas Music Educators Association has selected three Frisco ISD administrators to receive the 2020-21 Distinguished Administrators Award. Congratulations to Deputy Superintendent of Schools Kenny Chandler, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Wes Cunningham and Chief Student Services Officer Erin Miller, who are champions of the District's fine arts programming.

As members of the instructional support team, Chandler, Cunningham and Miller have great influence over the program’s opportunity for success. Frisco ISD has an enrollment of approximately 63,000 students with approximately 45,000 of those involved in fine arts programming.

Annually, TMEA recognizes select school administrators with the Distinguished Administrators Award. The statewide award honors those that have been instrumental in preserving quality music education programs in their districts. 

“This is a huge honor and, on behalf of the fine arts department, we are thankful for the time Chandler, Cunningham and Miller spend making sure that a robust and relevant arts educational opportunity is provided to all students,” said Pete Hazzard, managing director of fine arts.

Kenny ChandlerChandler has been in education for more than 35 years and enjoys the ability to work with and learn from fine arts students and educators.

“He understands how fine arts programming molds students,” Hazzard said. “The consistent demonstrative support he shows to fine art students and staff is truly admirable.”

“I am honored to receive this recognition,” Chandler said. “I am continually impressed by the camaraderie within the fine arts department and their emphasis on the learning process instead of the product in both visual and performing arts.”

Wes CunninghamCunningham cherishes working with committed educators who are leaders and passionate about maximizing the individual potential within all students, especially in fine arts. In his more than 25 years in education, his dedication to fine arts students and staff is unparalleled, especially as he championed the importance of fine arts during the current pandemic.

“Not only did Dr. Cunningham recognize the importance of fine arts education from an academic standpoint, but he also recognized the significant social-emotional learning impact that fine arts courses and teachers have on students and went out of his way to ensure that the fine arts department was highly involved in every decision that was being made by the District,” Hazzard said.

“The value of a fine arts education cannot be understated and I will continue to ensure that our programs will remain prioritized no matter a student’s educational environment,” Cunningham said. “I am honored to receive the Distinguished Administrators Award and I look forward to continuing to champion the arts as an essential part of students' lives.”

Erin MillerMiller has been with Frisco ISD since 2004 and leads the student services department. She is directly responsible for making sure that music and the arts not just survive the pandemic, but thrive.

“Miller makes sure that fine arts education is at the forefront of every conversation, while making sure that educational integrity is maintained,” Hazzard said. “Thanks to the value she places on artistic experiences for every child, students in Frisco ISD are experiencing the best possible scenario given the current circumstances.”

“It is so rewarding to work with the fine arts department for the good of students who deserve every learning opportunity,” Miller said. “I look forward to seeing students continue to showcase their talents this year whether it is in-person or streamed to live audiences across the world.”

Thank you to Chandler, Cunningham and Miller for their exceptional support of the fine arts students and staff.

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