FISD Honored for Commitment to Whole Child Education

EVERFI Champion District SealFrisco ISD has earned the EVERFI Champion Seal, awarded annually to school districts who have made an exemplary commitment to Whole Child education. 

The District is part of an elite group of school districts across the country to earn the EVERFI Student Impact Champion designation which goes to districts who have enacted transformational change in the interest of student equity and well-being.

EVERFI is a national digital education organization focused on helping educators address the most challenging issues affecting society including health and wellness, social-emotional learning and inclusion. 

Frisco ISD teachers regularly embed social-emotional learning strategies within the curriculum and through lessons created by District counselors. Click here to learn more about the FISD SEL curriculum.

“FISD educators are dedicated to teaching to the Whole Child because it not only impacts how healthy and productive students are during their time with FISD, but also their well-being and success far beyond the K-12 years,” said James Caldwell, safe schools coordinator. "Establishing healthy behaviors during childhood is more effective than trying to change unhealthy behaviors during adulthood.”

EVERFI’s team of subject matter experts and curriculum designers determined that the District mastered the following goals to earn the Champion Seal, including:

  • Diverse instruction methods rooted in accurate research

  • Well-trained staff 

  • Curriculum standards that include correct grade-level and timing

  • Courses deployed to entire grade-levels with high usage and completion

  • Outcomes evaluated to ensure student impact and knowledge gained

“The Whole Child approach to education develops and prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow,” said Stephanie Cook, managing director of guidance and counseling services. “By addressing students' comprehensive needs through the shared responsibility of students, families, schools and communities, we aim to continue to engage our community to meet the needs of all our students.

“We are thrilled to receive this honor from EVERFI and look forward to our continued partnership that helps our students grow.”

At the district level, the Whole Child programming is overseen by the Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC). SHAC is made up of parents, community members, students and school staff working together to improve the health of all students and families through coordinated school health programming.

At the campus level, there is a Whole Child Committee (WCC). The WCC develops and implements health/wellness and safe schools prevention efforts on their campus. The WCC also assesses the school climate. It evaluates and identifies programs directed at improving the student experience and proposes, develops and implements school-wide programming to address bullying, suicide, drug abuse and other mental health issues.

Secondary campuses also have Student Ambassadors who strive to mobilize their peers in ways that positively change individuals and the entire learning community.

Frisco ISD educators have used EVERFI resources to help dig deeper into supporting the Whole Child initiative. Students have engaged with the Character Playbook, an EVERFI digital education tool that uses colorful graphics and comic-book style dialogue to allow teens to explore situations and develop skills that lead to healthy relationships. This tool has led to middle school students engaging with Dallas Cowboys players about character strengths and many other opportunities.

The District is honored to receive this recognition and welcomes the community to explore the FISD Whole Child programming located here.

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