District Seeks Virtual Academic Mentors

Sep 18, 2020

Although there are less students on campus this year than last, the need for guidance from adults as academic mentors remains.

Frisco ISD is actively seeking academic mentors and speakers to volunteer their time and share their business knowhow with the next generation of leaders. While the District is limiting on-campus visits to only essential volunteers at this time, the virtual environment provides a wealth of opportunities for the greater community.

“We are thrilled to meet the needs of all students through the expansion of virtual volunteering,” said Allison Miller, director of community relations. “Eager students await the opportunity to engage with professionals who can provide real-life guidance on careers and opportunities they are interested in.

“We are thankful for the individuals and businesses in the community that are committed to making a difference for students.”

Many programs would not be possible without the gracious support of professionals throughout the community. Please consider getting involved in whatever capacity you can with these empowering Frisco ISD programs.

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)  

AVID is a program that targets students in the academic middle and supports them in taking advanced coursework.The mission of AVID is to close the achievement gap by preparing students for college readiness and success in society.

AVID is currently offered to seventh and eighth graders at Hunt and Staley middle schools and ninth graders at Frisco and Memorial high schools.

What AVID Needs

Virtual Speakers
Speakers are invited to discuss their current employment and share their experiences and journey that helped get them where they are. Each of our teachers will have different needs on various dates and times and will work through the Speaker Bureau to invite those interested.

How to Volunteer

To volunteer, fill out a Speaker’s Bureau application and contact Community Outreach Liaison Sharon White at whitesh@friscoisd.org and District AVID Coordinator Krishna Chetty at chettys@friscoisd.org.

Business Incubator

The Frisco ISD Business Incubator Program offers students an authentic entrepreneurship experience. The program takes students at four Frisco ISD high schools – Centennial, Frisco, Heritage and Lone Star – through the process of turning a business idea into an actual pitch. 

The program transforms the traditional high school classroom into a place of collaboration and practical, project-based learning. Real entrepreneurs and business experts serve as volunteer coaches and mentors, guiding student teams through the processes of developing hypotheses about a business concept, testing those hypotheses, adapting and continually learning and improving.

What Business Incubator Needs

Virtual Coaches
Coaches work with students in their class to help them learn material the coach presents through lectures and activities. The coach will choose a lesson that aligns with their area of business expertise, e.g. marketing, finance, sales. 

Virtual Mentors
The mentor role facilitates learning, but does not actively teach. Students will look to the mentor for answers, but what they really need is help learning how to find the answers themselves. Mentors typically meet with their student teams once a week for at least an hour. 

How to Volunteer

Fill out the volunteer application and contact Career and Technical Education Coordinator Lisa Curry at curryl@friscoisd.org

Independent Study and Mentorship (ISM)

ISM is an exciting, rigorous elective offered at all Frisco ISD high schools, designed for high-achieving juniors or seniors.

Students conduct research and interviews throughout the year on their chosen topic of study. They gain real-world experience by engaging with a number of professionals and selecting a mentor that they shadow and learn from as they work on their final project.

What ISM Needs

Virtual Business Symposium
Business professionals conduct one-on-one mock interviews with ISM students to help them prepare for research interviews, their mentor search and life after high school. There will be 4 one-hour Zoom sessions throughout each day. Click here to learn more about the October 5-9 event.

Virtual Informational Interviews
As part of their research, students are required to conduct multiple informational interviews with professionals in their chosen field of study. Students prepare diligently for these interviews to ensure successful experiences for both students and professionals. During this process, students are conducting primary research and building a network of professionals.

Virtual and In-Person Mentorships
After conducting several informational interviews with professionals, each ISM student will ask one of the professionals to serve as their mentor. If a Frisco ISD ISM student asks you to serve as their mentor, they will shadow and observe you at your place of business and you will guide them in their studies while advising them on major projects.

How to Volunteer

Complete this form and contact Advanced Academics Coordinator Krishna Chetty at chettys@friscoisd.org and Coordinator for Academic Partnerships Kelly Hemenway at hemenwayk@friscoisd.org

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