FISD Visual Arts Wins District of Distinction Award

Sep 15, 2020

Texas Art Education Association Badge.The Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) announced 42 winners of the 2020 District of Distinction Award. Among the list of honorees is Frisco ISD who has been recognized for the second year in a row. The award honors school districts that are leading the way in visual art education.

Only the top four percent of districts in the state earned this honor.

TAEA recognized the District for providing a well-rounded education that advocates and integrates visual arts curriculum to inspire creativity and reach all different learners.

Vaughn Elementary art teacher Kristen Bourdier guides her students as they explore how art bridges all subject areas.

“Art crosses all disciplines and finding teachable moments, like in the vocabulary I choose, helps students easily see the connections to other subjects,” Bourdier said. “Making cross-curricular ties can be the difference between a student having a concept going over their head or having an “aha” moment. 

“My job isn’t to make every kid great at art, but instead to show them that art is all around us and appreciating it is important.”

Across the District, collaboration between visual arts teachers and teachers of other subjects helps fine arts reach a large and diverse group of students. This continually inspires creativity and takes learning to new levels.

“Frisco ISD has set a high standard for visual arts advocacy, integrated visual arts curriculum, encouraged creativity and community participation,” said Stacia Gower, chair of the administration and supervision division of TAEA. “With the challenges educators faced this past school year it is a true testament to their skill, dedication and flexibility that the quality of their programs continued strong and comprehensive.”

Fine Arts Coordinator Robert Draper works with K-12 visual arts throughout the District and is proud of the team of teachers that continually takes student learning to new heights.

“It is an incredible honor to be recognized as a district by TAEA,” Draper said. “It is in clear recognition of the continued efforts of all elementary, middle and high school visual arts teachers who go above and beyond to expand the reach of the arts.

“This past year provided hurdles but also opportunities for growth and the teachers proved that we are truly stronger together!”

Frisco ISD stood out as a district that actively participates in numerous visual arts competitions including the Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE). TAEA also looked at other traits of the District visual arts programming including field experiences, community service and community exhibitions.

Congratulations to the visual arts teachers across the District who provide numerous opportunities for students of all abilities and ages to exemplify success in fine arts. Frisco ISD will be honored at the virtual TAEA Conference in November. 

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