Learning Environment Change Window is Sept. 14-18

Parents and guardians will have an opportunity to update their child’s instructional format for the second nine weeks beginning Monday, September 14 at 8 a.m. through Friday, September 18 at 11:59 p.m. No action is required by parents who wish to maintain the same learning environment. 

Families can learn more about the expectations associated with on-campus learning here and Virtual Academy here.

Parents can make their selection via the “Choose Learning Setting” tile in the Student Portal during the change window and changes will be effective starting at the new nine weeks which begins October 19

Families will continue to have two choices:

  • On-campus in a face-to-face environment

  • At-home via Virtual Academy

Changing your student's instructional environment could impact class selections and will likely require a change of teacher(s). That means that it is possible that a student will not be able to take a particular class after changing their learning environment. Counselors will work hard to avoid this potential occurrence and will communicate with students and their families regarding any substantial changes. It is not possible to anticipate changes until the selection window has closed and data is reviewed.

Since learning environment changes will impact staffing allocations the second nine weeks, it’s possible that students who do not request a change will be impacted by the changes of other students. Staff may need to shift to align with new instructional environment choices. In turn, students who do not change environments could experience a change to their teacher(s), course availability or class schedule as teachers are assigned based on the numbers of students and course requests in each environment.

How to Request a Change

1. Visit the Student Portal at portal.friscoisd.org.

2. The default log in to the Student Portal is:  

  •  Username: Student ID

  •  Password:  8-digit birthdate: mmddyyyy

    • Some students may have changed their password previously. Please consult with your student if the default 8-digit birthday password does not allow access. 

    • For assistance and additional information, please refer to the Student Portal help webpage. As a last resort, please call 469.633.6227 for help with accessing the Student Portal.  

3. Click on the “Choose Learning Setting” tile to update your student’s learning environment for the second nine weeks of the school year. The form will include your student’s current learning environment.

Parents/guardians will receive a confirmation email upon submission of the form which will contain the updated learning commitment choice. The form can be resubmitted or updated multiple times during the change window. 

After the deadline at 11:59 p.m. on September 18, the next opportunity to change learning environments will be in November in anticipation of the second semester that begins in January. Students will start the third nine weeks and their next educational setting January 5.

Parents who have questions should contact the student’s campus.

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