A Letter from the FISD Chief Academic Officer

Jul 30, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Frisco ISD would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we move closer to the beginning of the school year. Staff members are working tirelessly to safely open our schools to students and create a brand-new learning environment for students participating in Virtual Academy. FISD strives to know every student by name and need, and it is through this lens that we would like to clarify the expectations for students and parents during the first three weeks of virtual learning for those students enrolled in the face-to-face learning environment.

Based on FISD's recent experience with online learning in the spring and input from the community, the District will provide more live interactions for teachers and students during the three-week, all-virtual start to the school year. This will allow us to meet the needs of our students from day one, regardless of their selected instructional environment. 

FISD understands that each family has its own unique circumstances that may make participation in a live, synchronized virtual learning experience difficult. Please read the information below carefully as expectations have changed slightly for face-to-face students during the first three weeks of school. 

Virtual Academy Students

Virtual Academy students will begin their virtual learning experience on August 13 and are expected to adhere to the live, synchronous expectations of checking in with teachers each class period or instructional block on a daily basis. This is consistent with the expectation throughout a student’s participation in Virtual Academy. A small number of high school courses in the Virtual Academy will also require students to attend some on-campus sessions after September 3. You can review those courses and dates here.

On-Campus Students (f2f)

Students who selected face-to-face, on-campus instruction will begin their temporary online learning for three weeks due to the school closure, and then they will begin in-person instruction starting September 3. 

While Frisco ISD recommends that all face-to-face students engage in the scheduled, live interactions using the “synchronous” platforms available to our school community during the virtual start, we realize that this may present challenges for some families and want to provide additional options. Face-to-face students will have additional flexibility during the first three weeks. During the times when our campuses or classrooms are 100% virtual, students will follow their daily bell schedule to receive live instruction and interact with their teacher and classmates OR they will be able to log into their Canvas course or Seesaw accounts and watch recorded lessons/videos at later times, as they are available. 

While the District highly encourages our face-to-face students to participate in the frequent synchronous instructional sessions at the scheduled times, teachers will post instructional materials and activities online to allow for greater family flexibility in watching and accessing class resources. Students will also have the opportunity to receive tutoring from their campus teachers before and after school, as well as from additional certified classroom teachers through our evening RAIL tutorial program. 

For attendance purposes during the first three weeks for face-to-face students, students will be required to either attend their scheduled synchronous lesson or submit assignments as proof of engagement per instructional block/class period, on a daily basis and before midnight. This allows students to be counted present, which is essential for them to receive credit for their courses/classes. 

  • Attendance will be counted if the student is present in the synchronous class activities.

  • Attendance will be counted if the student is not present in the synchronous class activities BUT completes asynchronous assignments by the end of the day through the appropriate application. 

Over the next few weeks, our educators will continue to work and prepare for the 2020-21 school year and we will be ready to meet your students on August 13. At this time, unless prohibited by additional guidance from the governor or the Texas Education Agency, Frisco ISD plans to return to in-person instruction for those who chose it on September 3. 

Wes Cunningham
Chief Academic Officer

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