FISD Outlines Process to Change Student's Learning Environment

Jul 21, 2020

Dear Frisco ISD Parents/Guardians:

On Monday, July 27 at 8 a.m., Frisco ISD will reopen the commitment period for parents to switch their students' instructional environment for the upcoming school year. Frisco ISD will utilize the Student Portal for parents to make a change should it be necessary. No action is required if you do not wish to change your student's previous selection. 

While Frisco ISD will provide virtual instruction for all students the first three weeks of school, it is important that you choose which learning environment you would like to have your student participate in after the transitional period so your student can be placed with the correct teacher(s) for the fall semester.    

Here is how to access the Student Portal:

1. Visit

2. Click on the “Students” button on the main page.

3. On the Students page, click on the icon for the Student Portal.

4. The default log in to the Student Portal is:  

  • Username: Student ID

  • Password:  8-digit birthdate: mmddyyyy

    • Some students may have changed their password previously. Please consult with your student if the default 8-digit birthday password does not allow access. 

    • For assistance and additional information, please refer to the Student Portal help webpage. As a last resort, please call 469.633.6227 for help with accessing the Student Portal.  

5. Click on the “Choose Learning Setting” tile to update your student’s learning environment for the first nine weeks of the school year. Please note this tile will not be visible until the change window opens on July 27. The form will include the previous choice or will be blank if no choice was previously made.

  • Please note: if you submitted a change of address during the annual registration process or submitted proof of residency indicating a new address, FISD is processing these changes and your student’s new campus may not be reflected on the form itself. The form should be completed even if the wrong campus is listed for your student. 

Parents/guardians will receive a confirmation email upon submission of the form which will contain the updated learning commitment choice. The form can be resubmitted or updated multiple times during the change window. 

Middle and high school parents should note that Frisco ISD has added almost all secondary courses to the Virtual Academy, though some courses will still require an on-campus component. Please see the Frisco ISD website for an up-to-date list of online course offerings.

The commitment period will close on July 30 at 11:59 p.m. The next opportunity to change instructional formats for your student after the July 30 deadline will be communicated in September with an official switch date at the end of the first nine weeks on October 16.

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