FISD Shares Breakdown of Commitment Form Responses

To provide additional information to parents and greater insight into District decision making, Frisco ISD is releasing data related to the instructional environment selected by families for the 2020-21 school year. 

FISD asked parents to choose either on-campus or virtual learning for their students via a commitment form first sent via email on June 29. The deadline to respond was July 10, with a short grace period provided through July 14 to encourage more parents to respond.

As of July 14, the Districtwide breakdown of responses was as follows:

Face to Face

Virtual Academy

Outside FISD

No Response





A campus by campus breakdown can be found here by referencing the campus tab. 

No updates have been made to students’ selections since July 14. Frisco ISD will provide an opportunity for parents to select or change their students’ instructional environment from July 27-30. After this period, the next opportunity to change a student’s instructional environment will be at the end of the first nine weeks of school, which falls on October 16. 

For more information on Frisco ISD’s plans for the new school year, please visit the District website. Look for continued updates on the website and via the District’s social media channels.

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