Frisco ISD Stands United Against Racism

Jun 05, 2020

Recent events across the country have gained our collective attention, bringing years of discrimination and hurt to the forefront of our national dialogue. For too long, African American citizens and citizens of color across the United States, Texas and within our communities have suffered in ways that many cannot begin to understand. 

As a district, we acknowledge that racism still exists and that we have students and families among us who are hurting. Simply hoping for change is not enough. Together, we will create a better future for our students when we stand against racism and value the diverse culture of our community, our nation, and our world. 

Frisco ISD is committed to equity and embracing the diversity and differences of all students, parents, staff, and community. Moreover, maintaining an educational environment with high expectations for all staff, students and community members to treat each other with fairness and respect is at the core of who we are as a district. 

As we reflect on what has occurred, let us all look within our own hearts and minds for ways that we can confront racism, address inequality and build a brighter future. It’s time to acknowledge the big and small ways we may knowingly or unknowingly contribute to injustices.

Together, as a community, we can all be the example our students need to make changes to our society. We will continue to partner with our community, parents and staff to develop new ideas and implement new strategies for a better future for all Frisco ISD students.

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