Frisco ISD Honors Each High School’s Top 10 Graduates

May 21, 2020

In a high-achieving school district, it takes a significant amount of personal commitment and hard work to rise to the top of a graduating class with hundreds of students.

The Frisco ISD seniors who comprise the top 10 graduates at each of the District’s high schools are an impressive group with big dreams and plans for the future. Their numerous academic, athletic and fine arts accomplishments are a testament to their drive and determination. They also speak to strong family support and countless dedicated teachers who have guided and nurtured their learning and development over the years.  

Although Frisco ISD was not able to recognize these outstanding seniors in-person this year, the District is proud to acknowledge them formally here and through videos featuring comments from a teacher of each student’s choice.

These members of the Class of 2020 are among the District’s best and brightest, and we look forward to seeing what they accomplish in the years to come.

Congratulations to the following top 10 graduates of each FISD high school:


Anisha Holla, valedictorian
Shashank Easwar, salutatorian
Hamza Suhail
Lisa Kan
Lindsey Kim
Anushka Gupta
Alex Kim
Amy Gu
Joseph Cui
Prerana Honnavalli

Watch the video here


Jorge Arts, valedictorian
Jackson Nakos, salutatorian
Arjun Nair
Adam Vazin
Charles Wolfe
Ellie Zhang
Jillian Goldberg
Shreekrishna Rout
Aswin Nair
Christian Bryan

Watch the video here


Maansi Chodavarapu, valedictorian
Kireeti Singam Setty, salutatorian
Sooraj Karthik
Vijaya Dutt
Srikar Mangalapalli
Brooke Meier
Ayush Patel
Vivian Vazquez
Amal Babu
Samyuktha Senthil

Watch the video here


Joanne Chen, valedictorian 
Shivani Gollapudi, salutatorian        
Carter Burns  
Monali Ardeshna        
Grace Wang   
April Chung   
Joel Augustine 
Ananya Mahesh           
Atul Kabre       
Surekha Balakrishnan

Watch the video here

Lebanon Trail

Austin Ma, valedictorian       
Avery Sinnathamby, salutatorian   
Judy Zhou       
Rohan Nagabhirava 
Ishaan Grewal
Vincent Chen
Kay Chi Pua   
Juliana Lu       
Brian Peng     
Isabel Tu

Watch the video here


Nandasri Talluri, valedictorian
April Xu, salutatorian
Keshav Narasimhan   
Sona Shah      
Jessie Rho      
Jasmine Marie Culilap
Kunal Dhawan
Hitha Rajesh 
Kathan Gandhi
Christian Ahn     

Watch the video here

Lone Star

Naomi Mo, valedictorian     
Athena Hawkins, salutatorian         
Jose Herreria Aguilera
Peter Hoang 
Trent Rothell
Natalie Cain   
Sohail Hassan
Rishikumar Gunasekaran         
Aryaan Kulkarni
Dinesh Kanneboina

Watch the video here


Ritvik Ramakrishnan, valedictorian
Arjun Yogaratnam, salutatorian
Andrew Boris
Fiona Millan
Maria De Jesus Contreras
Ainsley Carter
Hannah Mueller
Wafee Choudhury
Emily Haley
Sophia Dela Cruz

Watch the video here


Yunbeen Bae, valedictorian
Joongbom "Jeff" Park, salutatorian
Heba Ajmal
Caitlin Fukumoto
Ishaan Guha
Grace Kim
Emily Wax
AvaGrace Doyle
Sahil Mane
Joseph Kafle

Watch the video here


Shrey Addagatla, valedictorian
Zoe Chetty, salutatorian
Samay Sahoo
Jack Walter
Jiwon Lee
Jennifer Powley
Andrea Toba
Quentin MacFarlane
Caroline Sauer
Jake Marshall

Watch the video here.

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