Frisco ISD Students Awarded National Merit Scholarships

May 20, 2020

National Merit Scholarship Graphic.The National Merit Scholarship Corporation announced this year’s National Merit $2,500 Scholarship winners and corporate-sponsored scholarship winners. Amongst the 3,500 winners are 21 outstanding Frisco ISD students. 

This year’s National Merit Scholarship Program began in October 2018 when more than 1.5 million juniors took the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) as an initial screen for this honor. 

The highest-scoring participants, representing less than one percent of the nation’s high school seniors, were then named Semifinalists. This included more than 70 students in Frisco ISD who were announced this past fall.

The 16,000 Semifinalists were analyzed by a committee of college admissions officers and high school counselors who reviewed the student’s scholarship application, which provided information about their academic record, participation in school and community activities, demonstration of leadership abilities, employment experience and awards received. Of these, 15,000 students were named Finalists. 

It is from these Finalists that the NMSC names approximately 7,600 Merit Scholars who will together receive more than $30 million in scholarships.

Congratulations to these FISD student scholarship winners judged to have the strongest combination of accomplishments, skills and potential for success in future rigorous college studies.

$2,500 National Merit Scholarship Winners

  • Shrey Addagatla, Wakeland High School - Law 

  • Yunbeen Bae, Reedy High School - Biochemical Engineering 

  • Andrew Boris, Memorial High School - Biochemistry 

  • Maansi Chodavarapu, Heritage High School - Computer Science

  • Anushka Gupta, Centennial High School - Finance

  • Anisha Holla, Centennial High School - Neurology 

  • Lisa Kan, Centennial High School - Public Health 

  • Naomi Mo, Lone Star High School - Biomedical Engineering 

  • Samay Sahoo, Wakeland High School - Computer Engineering 

  • Nandasri Talluri, Liberty High School - Biology 

  • Grace Wang, Independence High School - Business

  • Rohan Nagabhirava, Lebanon Trail High School - Medicine

Corporate-Sponsored Merit Scholarship Winners

National Merit Jerry R. Junkins Memorial Scholarship
April D. Chung, Independence High School - Undecided 

National Merit Raytheon Scholarship
Jack N. Couture, Centennial High School Computer Engineering 

National Merit Jerry R. Junkins Memorial Scholarship
Sujit Gurrapu, Centennial High School - Surgical Medicine

National Merit Pepsico Foundation Scholarship
Daniel J. Kinghorn, Independence High School - Electrical Engineering

National Merit Raytheon Scholarship
Austin C. Ma, Lebanon Trail High School - Education (College Professor)

National Merit Jerry R. Junkins Memorial Scholarship
Andrew T. Sen, Liberty High School - Computer Science

National Merit Raytheon Scholarship
Joanne J. Chen, Independence High School - Software Engineering

National Merit Jerry R. Junkins Memorial Scholarship
Ibrahim Mardini, Lebanon Trail High School - Pathology 

National Merit United Services Automobile Association Scholarship
Judy Zhou, Lebanon Trail High School - Computer Science 

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation will release another set of names in June and July for college-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards. We look forward to celebrating their accomplishments soon!

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