Art Students Excel in Virtual Visual Art Competition

May 12, 2020

At the end of April, nine Frisco ISD high schools competed in the annual State Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE). While the typical competition is a bustling day in celebration of the top art students in the state, this year’s contest was held virtually. 

This year, the District submitted 66 artworks to State VASE after a successful Region 10N competition in February. Of those, 46 pieces of artwork received a rating IV-Exemplary medal, while 11 pieces received a Gold Medal and a rating of V-Distinguished. Notably, only 150 gold seals were awarded and there were 31,237 pieces of artwork judged at VASE this year.

Notably, Centennial High School senior Adelaide Ortiz won the Spirit of Jim Henderson Scholarship Award for her artwork “Abstract Man with Loose Brushwork.” Henderson is the founding father of VASE and Ortiz’s scholarship is a testament to her incredible artwork.

VASE judges consider five main criteria when reviewing student artwork including: purpose or execution of intent, technique or use of media and tools, personal expression, elements and principles of art, and the ability to communicate an effective interpretation of all aspects of the creative process.

Congratulations to all of the students who were rated IV-Exemplary and especially those who earned the coveted Gold Seal with a level V-Distinguished rating.

Gold Seal Medal Winners

Centennial High School, Teacher Ashley Ham 

  • Adelaide Ortiz

Heritage High School, Teacher Carolyn Funk

  •  Laasya Kunam

Independence High School, Teacher Leonard Buscemi

  • Erika Guerra 

  • Ruby Hinckley 

  • Samantha Jones 

  • Aishwarya Kothalanka 

  • Ashley Liu 

  • Ananya Mahesh 

  • Shreya Sahu 

  • Campbell Williams

Reedy High School, Teacher Kathleen Schrantz

  • Gabeen Kim

IV-Exemplary Medals

Centennial High School

  • Zoe Avery, Teacher Chana Jayme

Frisco High School

  • Lilly Heit, Teacher Suzanne Blair

Heritage High School

  • Ashton Edwards, Teacher Carolyn Funk 

  • Ga Yeon (Karen) Kim, Teacher Linda Nelson

  • Mikayla Leepow, Teacher Linda Nelson

  • Sophie Russell, Teacher Carolyn Funk

  • Moona Shaik, Teacher Daniel San Andres

Independence High School

  • Claire Callaway, Teacher Leonard Buscemi

  • Joanne Dhanagar, Teacher Leonard Buscemi

  • Tanya Garza, Teacher Ryan Rimmer

  • Wyatt Guidry, Teacher Leonard Buscemi

  • Sumali Junuthula, Teacher Ryan Rimmer

  • Sumana Karnala, Teacher Leonard Buscemi

  • Anusha Kashyapa (2), Teacher Leonard Buscemi

  • Xinyi Li, Teacher Leonard Buscemi

  • Lillian Loyd, Teacher Leonard Buscemi

  • Zoya Mahmood, Teacher Leonard Buscemi

  • Alex Sandoval, Teacher Leonard Buscemi 

  • Jathin Singaraju, Teacher Leonard Buscemi 

  • Alekhya Vattikuti, Teacher Leonard Buscemi 

  • Alexis Wilder, Teacher Ryan Rimmer

  • Maviya Yaseen, Teacher Leonard Buscemi

Lebanon Trail High School

  • Sofia Laskaris, Teacher Yona Chong

  • Varshika Muthukumar, Teacher Amy Cho

  • Ryan Preetham, Teacher Yona Chong

  • Namratha Thrikutam, Teacher Kristen Summers

  • Diana Xiao, Teacher Amy Cho

Lone Star High School

  • Ashley Galbraith, Teacher Amanda Bosserman

  • Lucy Huo, Teacher Amanda Bosserman

Memorial High School

  • Claire Hiu (2), Teacher Sarah Watkins

  • Ella Kurz, Teacher Susanna King

  • Ashwin Yogaratnam (2), Teacher Sarah Watkins

Reedy High School 

  • Iman Afghani, Teacher Katie Gallimore

  • Joshua Barbour, Teacher Katie Gallimore

  • Emma Bateman, Teacher Misty Foster

  • Macy Edwards, Teacher Katie Gallimore

  • Amelia Horrocks, Teacher Katie Gallimore

  • Regina Moreno Vera (2), Teacher Katie Gallimore

  • Aishwarya Pillai, Teacher Kathleen Schrantz

  • Eliana Reizer, Teacher Katie Gallimore

  • Nithya Samba, Teacher Katie Gallimore

  • Sajani Silla,Teacher Katie Gallimore

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