Frisco ISD Partners with City of Frisco for Earth Month

Apr 02, 2020

Earth Day GraphicIn celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Frisco ISD and the City of Frisco have partnered together in support of the community through an Earth Month initiative.

Throughout the month of April, the District will share optional activities that families and students can participate in to celebrate Earth Month. When families across Frisco ISD pull together as a community, everyone benefits.

“With families at home, we want to encourage thinking about something positive and proactive,” said Director of School Services Amanda Campbell. “We plan to sprinkle the community with weekly ideas to inspire and act, in line with the Future Ready Profile skill to contribute.”

Each week will bring a new topic to explore, three challenges, one lesson for a family or student and extra resources to learn more. The topics and challenges focus on building new habits, as well as the positive impact of small changes.

Weekly topics that will provide simple steps to make a huge impact include:

  • Week 1 - Trash “Throwing Less Away is Definitely More”

  • Week 2 - Food “Start Your Food Rescue” 

  • Week 3 - Water “Be WaterWise” 

  • Week 4 - Energy “Reduce to Recharge” 

“When kids contribute and feel like they are part of something, they feel good,” said Julianah Marie, City of Frisco waste reduction programs coordinator. “We are thankful for the partnership with the District because together we are building a more conscientious community which is better for the environment and public health.”

During this unprecedented time, when everyone is encouraged to stay home, the City of Frisco is experiencing more trash and energy use. The District is proud to offer the community this shared opportunity that allows everyone to contribute and celebrate small wins.

“With families working so closely together we can more directly observe our individual environmental footprint,” said Seth Williams, FISD environmental programs facilitator. “This is an exciting opportunity for us to cooperate together and make improvements that we can see immediately.”

The latest topic can be found here and on the banner at the top of the District website. Follow the hashtag #FISDEarthMonth on social media to find families in the community who are sharing their experiences.

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