Frisco ISD Gears Up for Teacher Incentive Allotment

Feb 11, 2020

Money celebration image.Frisco ISD submitted a letter to the Texas Education Agency at the end of January expressing the District’s interest in participating in the Teacher Incentive Allotment program. The Teacher Incentive Allotment is an optional part of the 2019 House Bill 3 that provides a state stipend to teachers who achieve certain designations. 

The state stipend is intended as a pathway for teachers to earn higher salaries, to attract and keep effective educators and to provide incentives to teach at the most challenging campuses.

All teachers who are Nationally Board Certified or who received a designation from a previous district will be eligible for the state stipend in fall 2020. The amount of the state stipend is determined by an equation that combines the designation level with the compensatory education numbers on the campus where the teacher works.

To receive a designation, a teacher must be identified as a top-performing teacher per standards to be provided by the TEA. There are three designation levels: Recognized, Exemplary and Master. The higher the designation, the higher the State stipend.

Districts that choose to participate in the Teacher Incentive Allotment must create a local designation system to identify high performing educators based on standards to be released by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The law also requires the system to include two key elements: teacher observation and student performance.

Each district has the discretion to decide the type of rubric used for teacher observation and the measures to be analyzed for student performance, as well as the option to include additional factors.

FISD is in the early stages of exploring the creation of a designation system that allows all teachers the opportunity to earn a state stipend designation without relying solely on standardized tests.

“We have assembled a team and are in the early stages of exploring the possibility of creating a portfolio-based designation program so that all of our teachers can have the opportunity to earn a designation without having to depend on state test results,” Superintendent Dr. Mike Waldrip said. 

The current expected timeline for Frisco ISD would allow for 2022-23 to be the first data capture year, with designations and funding to come in the 2023-24 school year. 

The approval program for a local designation system through TEA is robust, and the FISD administration will continue to be in communication with TEA to make sure the program is approved. There is a great deal of work still to be done, including engaging with teachers and campus leadership regarding the program. Stakeholder engagement will be an integral part of the development of the District’s system. 

The District is also waiting for additional guidance from the TEA to answer questions about the state stipend. The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) will host a Teacher Incentive Allotment workshop for Frisco ISD in early March, which is when the District internal team will begin formulating designation system components.

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