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Feb 11, 2020

FHS RAIL Graduates.FARSP Donates Books to Shawnee Trail ES.Skowronski Class with Check.FISD Insight at Reedy.

Frisco High School Students Graduate through RAIL

Congratulations to Frisco High School graduates Jimmy Garcia, Yuliza Gonzalez, Irving Chavarria Estrada and Alexis Ceniceros for officially completing their coursework through the campus RAIL Academy. RAIL is an online program that uses flexible scheduling and personalized learning to expand learning opportunities for all high school students. Click here to learn more about RAIL.

FARSP Donates Books

After the February Frisco Area Retired School Personnel meeting, members made a special delivery of 240 books for students of Shawnee Trail Elementary. Vicki Ryan, Karol Kuykendall, Janis Hall and Debbie Owen were delighted to give the books to Shawnee Trail staff.

Student Featured on Good Morning America

Congratulations to Lino Marrero, a seventh grader at Hunt Middle School, who was featured on Good Morning America. Lino talked about his invention Kinetic Kickz that allows people to charge their phone with just the power of their feet. Learn more about his invention here.

Theatre Students Advance to Semifinals in UIL Film

Congratulations to Wakeland Theatre students who have advanced to the UIL Film semifinals with their Division 2 Narrative film, GRIEF. They were also nominated for the Nobility Social Impact Award, an award that honors short films that inform and inspire audiences about issues promoting social change. Click here to learn more.

Teachers Awarded Money via

When FISD teachers need a little extra oomph for a project or initiative for their classroom, they turn to 

Congratulations to Stafford Middle School teacher Savanna Skowronski, who was awarded $228 from the company Horace Mann to fund her classroom initiative to provide students with flexible seating to learn in a way that is comfortable for them. “Just as I differentiate my lessons, activities and assessments for my students, I want to also differentiate how my students can learn,” Skowronski said. “Through flexible seating, I will provide my students with the choice in how they learn in my classroom.”

Those interested in looking to help teachers with projects can find Frisco ISD teachers on

Community Members Get Inside Look at Athletics and Fine Arts

FISD Insight community members visited Reedy High School to get the inside scoop on fine arts and athletics programming. They visited art classrooms of Katie Gallimore and Misty Foster, where they were invited to mingle with students and ask questions or observe students at work. There was also a panel discussion led by Reedy Orchestra director Aryc Lane along with student leaders from the different fine arts programs. FISD Insight members also joined the Reedy Orchestra on stage for a mini rehearsal, where the community members were invited to sit next to an orchestra student. 

Thank you to the FISD Insight members who continue to show an interest in the District and its students.

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